Baked Bagels Recipe with Boursin

Boursin bagel bake

  • serves 6-8
  • Easy

Raise your brunch game with our savoury take on a bread and butter pud, layered with garlicky cheese and chunky pieces of ham



  • eggs 6
  • whole milk 200ml
  • single cream 100ml
  • Boursin Velvety Garlic & Herbs 2 x 125g tubs
  • thick-cut ham 200g, fat trimmed, diced
  • spring onions 4, finely chopped
  • bagels 6, split
  • butter for the dish
  • chives chopped to make 2 tbsp


  • Step 1

    Heat the oven to 180C/fan 160C/gas 4.

  • Step 2

    Whisk the eggs, milk and cream, and season well.

  • Step 3

    Mix 1½ tubs of the Boursin with the ham and spring onions, then use to sandwich together the bagels. Cut these in half to create semi-circles. Dip the bagel halves into the egg, soaking them well, then put upside-down into a large, round, buttered baking dish. Pour the rest of the egg mixture over and leave to soak for 20 minutes. Just before baking, flip over the bagels so they’re top-side up, spoon over little blobs of the remaining Boursin, then bake for 25-30 mins or until just set and golden. Sprinkle with chopped chives and serve warm.

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Nutritional Information

  • Kcals 449
  • Fat 22.4g
  • Saturates 12.3g
  • Carbs 39.7g
  • Sugars 5.5g
  • Fibre 2.1g
  • Protein 21g
  • Salt 1.9g