Rhubarb gin and tonic in a glass with a jar of rhubarb behind

Easy homemade gin recipes

Capture seasonal flavours in a boozy creation with our best ever homemade gin recipes – try fresh raspberry or an aromatic festive infusion

Gin is a wonderfully versatile spirit that lends itself well to fun flavour infusions. Learn how to make flavoured gin with our top recipe suggestions and tips, then make some creative cocktails.


Put your boozy infusions to good use with our best gin cocktail recipes. Crack out the cocktail shaker and make some delicious drinks to get the party started from our easy cocktail recipes. For more gin inspiration, check out our best gins, savoury gins and flavoured gins to try. 

Easy homemade gin recipes

Raspberry gin

Make the most of a summer glut of berries and create a delicious fruity infusion to be sipped in the sun. It takes just a handful of ingredients to make this seasonal gin. Don’t bin the left-over berries – try swirling them into vanilla ice cream.

Rhubarb gin

Try a new project this weekend by making your own pink gin. Take trimmed rhubarb, add sugar and gin, then reap the rewards neat over ice or in a pink-tinged G&T. This recipe couldn’t be easier to make at home and it makes a fabulous gift.

Sloe gin

Capture a taste of autumn in a bottle. Make the most of the sloe season with this classic, easy-to-make liqueur. Enjoy this fruity alcoholic drink over the festive season or give it away as a gift to a lucky friend.

Clementine, ginger and bay gin

Infuse your own gin with festive flavours, wrap it up and give it to a special someone this Christmas. It’s a unique and thoughtful gift that’s really easy to make.