Looking for buckwheat recipes? Make a stack of fluffy breakfast pancakes, snack-friendly fritters or an impressive dinner party dessert. Buckwheat flour will impart a subtle nutty flavour to your dish and a chewy texture to stews and casseroles.


Try our ideas below and check out our rye flour recipes and gram flour recipes for even more inventive bakes and filling dinner ideas.

Easy buckwheat recipes

Gluten-free buckwheat pancakes

Who doesn't love pancakes for breakfast? This recipe for cinnamon gluten-free buckwheat pancakes with maple syrup, yogurt, and fresh raspberries comes in at under 300 calories per serving.

A pile of buckwheat pancakes topped with fruit and yogurt

Ham, spinach and egg buckwheat galette

This ham, spinach and egg buckwheat galette is easy to make, low-calorie and gluten-free, making it perfect for a midweek meal. Make sure your egg has that classic runny yolk.

Buckwheat tarts with rice pudding and blackberries

These slightly nutty buckwheat tarts are filled with creamy rice pudding and sharp, sweet blackberries. They make a delectable gluten-free dessert.

Buckwheat Tarts Recipe with Rice Pudding and Blackberries

Cauliflower fritters

In Ukraine, all sorts of things, from schnitzel to whole river fish, are fried in batter. Here, cauliflower gets the treatment. Use buckwheat flour to make these easy fritters with a simple dip for a great snack, ready in just 25 minutes.

Ukrainian cauliflower Fritters

Halibut with sesame soy sauce and buckwheat noodles

Serve up fresh fillets of halibut with whole steamed pak choi and uncut buckwheat noodles. Drizzle over the sesame, soy garlic and ginger sauce with a dash of chilli to bring the heat.


Snackbar rice bowl with karaage chicken

This colourful rice bowl is comforting, healthy-ish and full of wonderful textures and flavours: from Japanese crunchy fried chicken and zingy pickles, to a gooey, creamy egg yolk and crispy, earthy buckwheat.

Chicken Karaage Rice Bowl from Restaurant Snackbar

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