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33 vegetarian bakes

Published: January 23, 2021 at 3:18 pm

Check out the best of our veggie bakes, from mascarpone gnocchi to sweet potato gratin and mini veg moussaka

Looking for vegetarian pasta bakes? Try our vegetable bake recipes, from gratins to macaroni and cheese, oven roasted vegetables to vegetarian lasagne. Then, try our vegetarian pasta recipes.


Best vegetarian bakes

Healthy aubergine parmigiana

An absolute classic, made that little bit healthier by using a few clever tricks. It's high in protein, low in salt and calories, and delicious to boot.

Healthy aubergine parmigiana

Butternut squash mac and cheese

Level up macaroni cheese with an autumnal twist, featuring cubes of roasted butternut squash. It’ll become a family favourite in time.

A white baking dish filled with baked macaroni and a golden cheese topping

Vegan mac and cheese

Our vegan expert Richard Makin shares his secrets to perfecting this plant-based version of a classic and comforting pasta bake, made extra rich and indulgent with white miso.

Vegan Mac and Cheese Recipe

Aubergine lasagne

A vegetarian take on a baked pasta classic, made with homemade white sauce (it's easy), lots of fresh basil and charred aubergine slices. A real crowd-pleaser.

Aubergine lasagne with a third taken out of it

Sunblush tomato and olive vegan paella

This oven-baked, plant-based paella is full of antipasti favourites like peppers, artichoke and tomato, and is packed with punchy flavour. A meat-free bake to impress the whole family.

Vegetarian Paella with Courgettes, Peppers and Olives

Caramelised onion, spinach and mushroom lasagne

This flavour-packed mushroom dish is a great veggie bake, with all the comfort of classic lasagne. The recipe makes six portions, so you can feed a crowd or batch it up for the freezer. Check out more of our best veggie lasagne recipes here.

Caramelised onion, spinach and mushroom lasagne in a large rectangle baking dish with a large serving spoon next to it

Savoury spiced baklava

This bake is a savoury spin on the classic Middle Eastern dessert. It makes a fantastic vegetarian substitute for meat on a roast dinner.

Savoury Baklava Recipe for Vegetarians

Veggie moussaka

We make the most of meaty aubergines in this veggie version of a Greek classic – an ideal comforting bake to feed the family midweek.

Vegetarian Aubergine Moussaka Recipe

Hasselback halloumi traybake

Hasselbacking the halloumi opens up more surface area for maximum crispness. This easy traybake, with red pepper, olives, capers and lemon, is great served with flatbreads and a green salad.

Hasselback halloumi traybake

Primavera lasagne

Packed with plenty of fresh greens and finished with a super crispy topping, this easy veggie lasagne is ready in just an hour.

Vegetable Lasagne Recipe with Pesto

Baked spinach-and-ricotta-stuffed shells

Fill giant pasta shells with creamy ricotta and spinach for a simple vegetarian bake, on the table in under an hour.

Stuffed Pasta Shells Recipe with Spinach and Ricotta

Spicy chickpea, potato and filo slice

Check out our spiced chickpea bake with potatoes and crunchy filo pastry. This easy bake is veggie friendly, ready in under an hour and serves four. It's best eaten on the day, while the pastry is still crisp.

Vegetarian Potato Pie Recipe with Chickpeas

Creamy tomato and basil rigatoni bake

Check out this vegetable pasta bake with juicy chopped tomatoes, nutty parmesan and creamy mozzarella. This super simple recipe is ready in less than an hour, making it an easy mid-week filler for all the family. Find more family recipes here.

Vegetable Pasta Bake Recipe with Tomato and Basil

Vegetable lasagne with kale, ricotta and leek

Try our vegetarian alternative to this classic family bake. With layers of greens and fresh pesto this kale, ricotta and leek lasagne is low in calories and super easy to whip up. Try our other easy vegetarian lasagne recipes here.

Vegetarian Lasagna Recipe for kale, ricotta and leek lasagne

Melanzane parmigiana

Make a batch of this aubergine-based Italian classic to feed a crowd, or make two smaller dishes and freeze one for later. Did we mention it's gluten free?

Melanzane parmigiana

Baked gnocchi with broccoli, blue cheese and walnuts

This recipe for baked gnocchi with broccoli, blue cheese and walnuts is really easy and ready in under an hour. Blue cheese is lovely in this, but you can adapt it to suit cheeseboard leftovers if you like. If you're a fan of gnocchi, try more of our easy recipes here.

Gnocchi Bake with Broccoli and Cheese

Cauliflower, manchego and almond gratin

A gratin makes an indulgent vegetarian traybake for a family weekend meal. Check out this easy baked cauliflower with manchego cheese and crunchy almonds. If you have leftover cauliflower, make one of our cauliflower recipes here.

Baked Cauliflower Gratin Recipe With Cheese in baking dish

Oven-baked chilaquiles with eggs and feta

Check out our punchy chilaquiles dish with easy baked eggs. Roasting the tortilla chips in this recipe makes them super crisp and crunchy, so grab a spoon and tuck in.

Chilaquiles Recipe with Eggs and Feta

Baked tortellini with spinach and chilli

Our recipe for baked tortellini with spinach and chilli is super easy to make, ready in under an hour and less than 500 calories – perfect for a midweek meal for two. Use shop-bought tortellini and the hard work is done for you.

Baked Tortellini Recipe with Spinach and Chilli

Ricotta and kale cannelloni

One of our most indulgent vegetable pasta bakes, this ricotta and kale cannelloni is an easy vegetarian entertaining dish. It freezes well too, so make a batch and save for later. Try more of our kale recipes here.

Ricotta and Kale Cannelloni Recipe

Best ever cauliflower cheese

Cauli cheese. Arguably one of the heroes of British food. Easy to make, you may argue, but follow these handy hints and tips to make this cheesy bake unreal.

Cauliflower Cheese Bake Recipe

Swede, kale and sweet potato gratin

This recipe for swede, kale and sweet potato gratin is the perfect side dish or veggie main for the colder months. It takes a little time but is really easy.

Sweet Potato Gratin Recipe With Swede and Kale

Porcini mushroom lasagne

Our posh porcini lasagne recipe is easy to make, vegetarian and feeds a crowd – perfect for family dinners or easy entertaining.

Vegetarian Lasagne Recipe With Posh Porcini Mushrooms

Courgette mac 'n' cheese with garlic sourdough crumb

On US menus, mac ‘n’ cheese often has its own section with a choice of flavourings. Courgette and garlicky crumbs get our vote. This recipe is easy but super comforting. Check out more courgette recipes here.

Mac And Cheese Recipe With Courgette and Garlic Sourdough Crumbs

Courgette lasagne

Watch our video to learn how to make this brilliant low-carb 'lasagne'. It uses courgette in place of pasta so you still get lots of creamy layers but a bit of a healthier result!

Winter greens and ricotta

This winter greens and ricotta cannelloni is a great vegetarian main to store in your freezer. The recipe is easily doubled, so why not make one for tonight and one to freeze?

Winter Greens and Ricotta Cannelloni Recipe

Gnocchi with kale and dolcelatte

Our super simple vegetarian gnocchi recipe with kale and dolcelatte is soft and creamy, plus it's quick and easy to make.

Vegetarian Gnocchi Recipe With Kale and Blue Cheese

Soft-baked asparagus frittata

Asparagus is generally in season and plentiful from April to June, and what better way to use it than in this soft-baked frittata with ricotta and parmesan. An ideal dish for breakfast or brunch.

Baked Asparagus Frittata Recipe

Courgette parmigiana

Parmigiana is a classic northern Italian dish usually made with aubergine. This version substitutes the aubergine for courgette and mozzarella or ricotta for a fresher taste. It works really well as part of a sharing menu.

Chard, roast cherry tomato and ricotta bake

Not only is this vegetarian dish super simple, it's great value to make too. It only has eight ingredients, some of which you'll likely already have in.

chard, tomato and ricotta bake

Courgette and ricotta cannelloni

An easy-to-make recipe for cannelloni using fresh lasagne sheets. Fill with a ricotta and courgette mix before baking in a rich tomato sauce. A substantial vegetarian dish that friends and family will love.

Courgette and ricotta cannelloni

Mini veggie moussakas

These mini veggie moussakas make great hearty and comforting veggie bakes. If there's only two of you, they'll freeze really well. Just remember to defrost thoroughly overnight.

Vegetarian Moussaka Recipe

Tomato, spinach and mascarpone gnocchi

Using a few smart cheats, this cheesy gnocchi bake is really easy to make and can be on the table in under 30 minutes. Guaranteed to be a family favourite.

Italian Gnocchi Recipe with Tomato, Spinach and Mascarpone

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