Cullen skink

Best Scottish recipes for Burns Night

Here's everything you'll need to get you in the Scottish spirit, from potted smoked salmon and cullen skink to haggis, venison, shortbread and whisky

Looking for Scottish recipes? Want to make the best Burns Night food? Try our ideas below then check out our favourite Scottish gins and best whiskies to try with your meal.


Scottish recipes

Haggis, neeps and tatties

This recipe for haggis, neeps (in this case turnips) and tatties (potatoes) comes from chef Tom Kitchin. It’s an absolute Scottish classic and should certainly be enjoyed on Burns Night!

Haggis, neeps and tatties on a plate

Cullen skink

This rich, creamy smoked haddock soup is a Scottish classic, flavoured with leeks and chives and made silky with double cream.

Cullen skink


A classic Scottish dessert, cranachan is a beautiful medley of double cream, toasted oats, raspberries, honey and a great big slosh of whisky. It’s the perfect ending to a Burns Night feast.

Potted smoked salmon

This lovely, light, rillette-style pâté combines fresh Scottish salmon with smoked to add real depth of flavour. Clarified butter seals the pots, so these can be made a day or two in advance. This recipe was inspired by HIX bar.

Venison carpaccio with pickled red cabbage

A stylish starter, ideal from kicking off your Burns Night supper. Make your own zingy dressing and top with Marcona almonds.

Venison carpaccio

Oyster and scallop tartare

This smart tartare makes for an impressive starter and combines two of Scotland’s most revered shellfish.

Smoked haddock and chive fishcakes

These smoked haddock and chive fishcakes would make a lovely starter for your Burns Night celebrations, and are a real celebration of Scotland’s tradition of smoked fish.

Haggis with swede

If you are thinking of having a Burn’s Night celebration then you can’t do it without roast haggis. Luckily you can buy haggis ready made but do try and make the traditional accompaniment, mash swede or neeps. Serve a shot of whisky with this.

Venison wellington

This wellington is a great twist on a classic British favourite. Scotland is famed for its wild game, and here it will be the centrepiece.

Blood orange and marmalade steamed puddings

Blood oranges have a very short season towards the end of winter so make the most of them while you can. Combine them with marmalade and the Scottish tradition of a steamed pudding and this light and delicious pudding lets their flavour shine through.

Salted caramel shortbread

Sweet and salty flavours are an ongoing trend and this shortbread recipe is the perfect way to blend these flavours and nothing says Scotland like shortbread.

Whisky sour sorbet

Turn your whisky sour into a sorbet! Our whisky of choice for this recipes is a fiery Islay single malt. You don’t have to add the egg white, but it is an authentic part of the drink and gives the sorbet body.

Donut holes with whisky dipping sauce 

This has got to be our favourite whisky-laden dessert. They take a bit of time to prepare, but these little sugary pillows are so worth the wait…

Donut holes with whisky sauce

Campfire cocktail

One of our favourite ways to drink whisky, and one of the cosiest. Intensely nostalgic, it conjures images of crunching through piles of leaves, sparklers and toasted marshmallows. It’s the latter that has inspired this cocktail from the brilliant team at whisky bar Black Rock. There’s only a smidge of peaty Lagavulin in this, so it’s not too challenging if smoky whisky isn’t normally your thing.

Campfire cocktail