White Chocolate Easter Cake Recipe

Best Easter cake recipes

Celebrate the Easter holidays in style with one of our impressive cakes. Try classic simnel cake, ginger cake with easy caramel drips and our show-stopping white chocolate Easter egg layer cake

Try one of our showstopping easy Easter cake recipes to treat friends and family over the Easter holidays. Plus we’ve got plenty of impressive ways to decorate you Easter cake too..


Easter cake decorations

Looking for ways ways to decorate your Easter cake? Bake a simple sponge and top with our easy chocolate buttercream and your favourite mini chocolate eggs. You can also try our quick vanilla buttercream or even our creamy cream cheese icing.

There are loads of different ways to decorate a cake. You can make a simple shiny glaze icing by adding a spoonful of cocoa powder to icing sugar and water. Or whip up an easy chocolate ganache by combining equal amounts of chopped dark chocolate and hot cream and stirring until smooth and silky (follow the steps to make ganache in our no- bake chocolate tart). Follow our recipe in our Jamaican ginger cake for the best drip icing, or check out how we add torched marshmallows to our show-stopping smore’s chocolate cake.

For more tricks to decorating and icing your Easter cake check out our best tips here including the tools to use to get the best finish!

Easter cake ideas

Easter simnel cake

Whip up this traditional fruit cake for your bank holiday Easter baking treat.

White chocolate Easter cake

Take your Easter baking to the next-level with this showstopping Easter-inspired white chocolate cake. We’ve decorated ours with broken white chocolate eggs and crunchy mini eggs, but you can get creative with your favourite Easter treats.

Creme egg cupcakes

One for fans of Creme Eggs, these super-chocolatey Creme Egg cupcakes, with their yolk-yellow frosting, make for a sweet Easter treat.


Brooklyn blackout Easter cake

Easter provides an excuse to eat as much chocolate as possible. Edd Kimber has put his own twist on this American classic by flavouring the custard filling with white chocolate and cardamom and, to keep the original’s chocolate flavour intact and the look of the cake the same, decorating the outside with a silky-smooth chocolate frosting.

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Italian Easter cake

Looking to take your chocolate cake up a notch? Check out this Italian-inspired almond cake with dark melted chocolate and a hint of coffee. Topped with velvety amaretto cream, this cake is pure indulgence.

Dirty chai chocolate layer cake for Easter

The best Easter cakes use plenty of chocolate… Inspired by the dirty chai (a masala chai latte with a shot of espresso), this showstopping cake boasts layers of chai ganache and chocolate ombre sponge.

Simple chocolate sponge cake

Looking for great Easter cakes ideas? Check out this quick and easy basic chocolate sponge cake that you can top with your favourite Easter treats. Why not try adding mini eggs, Crème Eggs and your favourite chocolates for extra indulgence? This moist chocolate cake is a super simple, all-in-one cake for all those chocolate lovers out there.

Banoffee banana Easter cake

We’ve taken a popular banana cake and given it a banoffee pie make-over. Our cake is packed with bananas, covered in creamy caramel buttercream and topped with caramelised bananas for extra indulgence.

Chocolate and passion fruit Easter cake

Check out this stunning chocolate cake with a creamy passion fruit curd. This moist and indulgent creation is a real showstopper and will make for an epic celebration dessert. Just look at that shine!

Easter salted honey date cake

Move over salted caramel, there’s a new flavour combo in town. We’ve swapped caramel for honey to create this easy teatime treat.

Easiest ever chocolate fudge cake

This chocolate fudge cake recipe is super easy and quick to make so it is perfect for when you need to bake a last minute simple yet decadent cake for Easter. You don’t need to use a chocolate with a high % for this, just standard dark chocolate is fine. More chocolate cake recipes here…

Easter carrot cake

Want an easy carrot cake recipe for Easter? Try our gluten-free carrot cake with pistachios and almonds for a showstopping Easter bake.

Easter cake with caramel drips

Check out our indulgent Jamaican ginger and caramel cake for a show-stopping Easter cake idea. This layer cake makes for the perfect celebration cake, what’s more, it’s gluten free too. More birthday cake and celebration cake ideas here…

Easter bundt cake with tahini

This recipe from Edd Kimber combines chocolate, tahini and sesame brittle for a really indulgent cake. If you’re not sure how this will taste, think peanut butter and chocolate but with more depth.

Chocolate marble cake
 with mocha glaze

This chocolate marble cake with mocha glaze looks really impressive and tastes just as good – bake it and put on the table for Easter, or try one of our chocolate cake recipes