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Best Argentinian recipes

Beef empanadas

Filled with beef, tomato, smoked paprika and fiery cayenne, these Argentinian empanadas are perfect snacks for parties and picnics.

A silver baking tray filled with golden empanadas

Argentinian tarta pascualina

This impressive savoury pie originated in Italy but is really popular in Argentina. Filled with onion, chard and ricotta, it's a great savoury, meat-free alternative to a roast joint for lunch.

A pie with a slice taken out, showing a whole egg cut in half in the filling, on a white table with a pink background

Argentinian cheese and onion empanadas

Fernando Trocca's recipe for golden empanadas have a British twist with an aged cheddar cheese and slow-cooked onion filling.

A white plate topped with two empanadas with crimped pastry

Argentinian risotto ossobuco

Check out this Argentinian recipe where ossobuco, from the leg or shin of veal cross-cut to produce steaks, is served with a vibrant saffron risotto.

A shallow white bowl filled with saffron risotto with veal on top

Argentinian dulce de leche fondant

Dulce de leche brings an extra layer of indulgence to this Argentinian dessert, where toasted hazelnuts add gentle crunch. This recipe comes from Soho restaurant, Sucre.

A plate topped with a caramel fondant with mascarpone on the side

Argentinian Latinoamericano cocktail

This punchy mix of gin, mezcal and vermouth is given a fruity twist with pink grapefruit soda. This recipe comes from Soho restaurant, Sucre.

A marble bar with a long glass, filled with a red cocktail and a slice of grapefruit

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