This summer, break out the cocktail shaker and try our top agave drinks recipes, from the famous margarita to a zesty mezcal paloma. Try our flavourful ideas below, then browse our easy cocktail recipes, bitter cocktail recipes and fruity cocktails to add to your ideal party menu.


What is agave?

Agave is a species of plant native to the Americas that thrives in hot and arid conditions. The sap from the plant can be fermented and turned into a spirit, which is then distilled and made into mezcal and tequila.

Tequila is a distilled spirit made from the cooked and fermented juice of blue agave specifically, whereas mezcal uses all kinds of agave in its production, the most common of which is Agave Espadin.

Check out our review of the best tequilas to try and stock up your cocktail cabinet with the best spirits on the market. Once you've bought the bottles, find your inner mixologist with our easy tequila cocktails.

Best agave cocktail recipes


Mix up lime juice, tequila and cointreau to create our simple and delicious margarita. No self-respecting cocktail menu would be complete without this punchy, citrussy treat.

Take a look through our best ever margarita recipes for even more twists and variations.

Margarita in a glass with copper cocktail shaker and a plate of limes behind

Mezcal paloma

Check out this quick and easy summer cocktail recipe with mezcal, zesty limes and sweet yet slightly bitter grapefruit juice. A paloma is usually made with tequila but using mezcal adds a lovely smoky edge.

Mezcal Paloma Cocktail Recipe

Frozen margarita

Agave fans in particular will love this zesty and punchy cocktail, served in a salt-crusted glass. A properly refreshing sip for a summer's day.

Two frozen margaritas with lime wedges in the background

Watermelon cooler

This watermelon and tequila cocktail is really refreshing for a hot summer day, and proves that tequila isn't all about slammers. Try serving it at your next BBQ or picnic, this summer sipper is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Watermelon Cocktail Recipe

Mezcal, pineapple and jalapeño smash

The smoky notes of mezcal work wonderfully with the grilled pineapple and gentle heat from the chilli in this drink. It’s simple to mix and can easily be made into a jug cocktail for a crowd.

Mezcal smash

Tommy’s cut

Tommy's cut from Joyeux Bordel balances smoky mezcal with agave, sweet vermouth and zingy pink grapefruit. The sharp citrus flavours, paired with sweet agave syrup makes for a mouthwatering combination.

Cosmo margarita

Combine two classic cocktails into one top-notch drink. Cosmopolitan meets margarita in this fragrant, sophisticated cocktail, made with hibiscus tea, tequila and triple sec. Branch out from your traditional margarita and get creative with your spirits.

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Cosmo Margarita Recipe

Mezcal and kombucha cooler

Mix a jug of mezcal, kombucha and fresh apple juice for a super easy sharing cocktail that guests can help themselves to.

Jug Cocktails Recipes


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