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Best Easter Egg Taste Test 2020

Best Easter egg taste test 2020

From honeycomb-laced shells to smooth vegan chocolate, discover our favourite luxury Easter eggs for 2020

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without a chocolate egg (or several, in our case) and we’ve tried and tested some of the best luxury ones on offer – from quirky honeycomb designs to elegant vegan chocolate.


Our expert panel of olive judges blind-tasted each egg – rating them on taste, texture and appearance – and picked winners for each category, from extravagant showstoppers to crowd-pleasing numbers.

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Best crowd-pleasing chocolate Easter egg

Winner: Giant Blonde Chocolate Beehive Egg, £69.95/1.05kg, The Chocolate Libertine

Moreish chunks of honeycomb add satisfying crunch to creamy, caramelised white chocolate in this hefty, wow-factor beehive egg, weighing in at a whopping 1.05kg.

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Chocolate Libertine white chocolate honeycomb beehive best

Best grown-up Easter egg

Winner: Vegan Venezuelan Dark Chocolate Egg, £19.95/210g, Bettys

This is an elegant-looking and complex-tasting dark chocolate Easter egg, with notes of cherry and coffee that linger on the tongue. A well-tempered geometric shell has a satisfying snap and smooth flavour.

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Betty's Venezualan Dark Vegan Easter Egg, best luxury easter eggs 2020

Best extravagant Easter egg

Winner: Extra-Thick Easter Egg, £29/490g, Hotel Chocolat

The walls of this Easter egg are extra thick, consisting of crumbled cookies and puffed rice encased in sweet and smooth 40% milk chocolate. The egg also comes with an indulgent selection of dessert-inspired pralines, caramels and chocolates.

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Hotel Chocolat Rocky Road Easter Egg, best luxury Easter eggs 2020

Other luxury chocolate Easter eggs we tried:

Muscovado Caramel and Lemon Fondant Gulls Eggs, £16.95/130g, Fortnum & Mason. Buy now

Spring Bloom Egg, £30/315g, Bettys. Buy now

Artisan Milk Chocolate Easter Egg, £29.99/200g, Selfridges. Buy now

Coconut and Chia 37% Milk Chocolate Easter Egg, £9.99/170g, Cox & Co. Buy now

Milk Chocolate Egg, £19/160g, Salcombe Dairy. Buy now

Milk Chocolate Chicken, £5.95/35g, Pump Street. Buy now

Raspberry and Popping Candy Milk & White Chocolate Egg, £14.95/100g, The Chocolate Libertine. Buy now

Taste test conducted and written by Anya Gilbert

2019 results…

The best supermarket Easter eggs

Best dark chocolate eggs

Joint gold: Sainsbury’s Cocoa et Co single-origin dark-chocolate celestial egg with hazelnut praline truffles, £10/240g

Alongside notes of coffee, fruit and pepper, this complex dark-chocolate egg has a creamy flavour, too.

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A dark chocolate egg with spiral design and gold glitter in a plastic box

Joint gold: Waitrose 1 dark-chocolate diamond egg with salted-caramel chocolates, £10/240g

This striking egg has spicy hints, with indulgent sweet and salty butterscotch truffles on the side.

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A geometric shaped dark chocolate Easter egg with six truffles displayed to the right hand side

Best milk chocolate eggs

Gold: Sainsbury’s Cocoa et Co Belgian milk-chocolate egg, £16/400g

Impressive on the eyes and the taste buds, this has super-smooth chocolate and a showstopping splatter design.

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A milk chocolate egg with golden splatter design on the front sat in a plastic box

Silver: Tesco Finest Belgian milk-chocolate, salted biscuit and maple egg, £8/360g

With its nuggets of salted biscuit, we loved the crunchy textures of this egg.

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A milk chocolate egg with gold lustre design. There is a maple drip on the egg and truffles sat around the bottom of the egg

Best white chocolate eggs

Gold: Waitrose 1 caramelised white-chocolate Easter egg with gianduja milk chocolates, £10/235g

One for the grown-ups, this caramelised white-chocolate number has a deep caramel flavour, satisfying snap and comes with velvety hazelnut truffles.

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A geometric shaped white chocolate Easter egg with six truffles displayed to the right hand side

Silver: M&S The Bee’s Knees egg, £8/180g

Great if you’ve got a sweet tooth, this silky-textured egg gave us nostalgic memories of Caramac bars.

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A white chocolate egg stood against a grey background with yellow flowers laid next to it

Bronze: Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Swiss white-chocolate bunny, £6/440g

A classic Easter bunny for children, with sweet chocolate and a satisfyingly thick shell.

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A white chocolate bunny stood up in a plastic packet

The best premium dark chocolate Easter egg

Overall winner: Divine dark chocolate egg with pink Himalayan salt

About the Easter egg: Made with 60% cocoa dark chocolate, this vegan egg is flavoured with pink Himalayan salt.

Comments: With a glossy shine, satisfying snap and deep, roasted chocolate flavour, the grown-up flavours of this salty egg make it an all-round winner.

Price: £5/100g,

Divine Dark Chocolate Easter Egg with Pink Himalayan Salt

Other dark chocolate Easter eggs we tried

Montezuma’s dark chocolate eco egg

About the Easter egg: This vegan dark chocolate egg with cocoa nibs is packaged in eco-friendly materials.

Comments: This egg has floral notes to the dark chocolate, with a creamy flavour and good snap. Though there is a lack of cocoa nibs in the shell.

Price: £8.99/150g,

A dark chocolate egg is wrapped in blue foil and is packaged in eco-friendly grey box

Rococo dark chocolate sea salt Easter egg with salted caramel truffles

About the Easter egg: This dark chocolate sea salt egg has an extra thick shell and is filled with salted caramel truffles.

Comments: This egg has a nice thick shell, with fruity and spicy notes to the chocolate, however the truffles on the side aren’t as high quality as the egg.

Price: £30/380g, Rococo

A blue and white graphic box is filled with an egg wrapped in silver foil. There is half an egg open on the outside with truffles inside

Booja-Booja almond salted caramel egg

About the Easter egg: These decorative egg-shaped boxes are filled with vegan truffles flavoured with almond and salted caramel.

Comments: We love the pretty box these soft truffles come in, but the dark chocolate flavour wasn’t strong enough for our liking so it’s one for a milk chocolate lover.

Price: £24.99/138g,

Hotel Chocolat ginger hard-boiled egg

About the Easter egg: This vegan-friendly Easter egg is made with 70% dark chocolate and infused with Indian ginger oil.

Comments: We love the modern design of this egg and it has a strong ginger fragrance, however the chocolate has a slightly floury texture.

Price: £15/220g,

Hotel Chocolat Dark Chocolate Ginger Easter Egg

The best premium milk chocolate Easter eggs

Overall winner: Lily O’Brien mega milk chocolate egg

About the Easter egg: Made with 40% cocoa, this mega milk chocolate egg comes with an assortment of chocolate discs flavoured with sea salted caramel and dark chocolate.

Comments: This classic egg has nutty notes to the high-quality chocolate. The striking design gives it a grown-up feel, with posh chocolate buttons on the side.

Price: £12.90/290g,

A milk chocolate Easter egg with a white chocolate drizzle on the front is packaged in a white box

Best flavoured chocolate Easter egg: Lindt Lindor mint egg

About the Easter egg: This milk chocolate eggs comes with Lindor chocolates filled with a melting mint chocolate filling.

Comments: We’re big fans of the mint flavour in this egg, and love that it’s paired with milk chocolate. The moreish truffles have a smooth centre, too.

Price: £8/285g, Tesco

A green box is filled with an egg wrapped in gold foil and there are truffles wrapped in mint green foil at the top of the box

Best classic chocolate Easter egg: Green and Black’s organic medium butterscotch egg

About the Easter egg: An organic milk chocolate Easter egg with pieces of butterscotch.

Comments: The butterscotch pieces give this egg a great crackle in texture, with a nice thick shell and well-balanced sweetness.

Price: £6.59/165g,

A chocolate Easter egg is packaged in gold foil and is packaged in a box with yellow, orange and red brush stroke design on the front

Best for design: Chococo sea salt caramels egg

About the Easter egg: This 45% Venezuelan original milk chocolate egg is filled with Dorset Sea Salt caramel mini dark chocolate cocoa pods.

Comments: With a thick shell, creamy chocolate and funky design, this egg is a good all-rounder. We love the dark chocolate pods with runny caramel, too.

Price: £18.50/175g,

A milk chocolate Easter egg with a colourful splash design on the egg. Its box is sat next to it with dark chocolate cocoa pod truffles to the side with caramel pouring out of them

Best Belgian chocolate Easter egg: Godiva chocolate bunny

About the Easter egg: These milk chocolate bunnies are made with Belgian chocolate.

Comments: If you’re a fan of Belgian chocolate, this moreish bunny is sweet, with a cool, minimal design.

Price: £4/100g, Sainsbury’s

A milk chocolate bunny is sat outside its box next to a box with a bunny on the inside

Other milk chocolate Easter eggs we tried

Lir Belgian milk chocolate Easter egg

About the Easter egg: This Belgian milk chocolate egg comes with truffles flavoured with cinnamon and raisin, coffee crunch, Irish sea salted caramel and hazelnut gianduja.

Comments: This egg comes with flavoured truffles (the strong coffee one was a real favourite), however the chocolate itself is too sweet for us.

Price: £12/245g,

A milk chocolate egg with colourful splatter design on the front in sat in a box. Next to the box are crushed pieces of Easter egg and chocolate truffles

Baileys milk chocolate Easter egg

About the Easter egg: This Baileys milk chocolate egg is studded with crunchy salted caramel. It comes with six dark chocolate truffles on the side, each filled with salted caramel.

Comments: This egg is a little too sweet with a slightly artificial flavour.

Price: £10/275g, Tesco

An Easter egg with glitter on the front is packaged in a plastic box. There are six truffles below the egg

Pierre Marcolini lovely hearts egg

About the Easter egg: This milk chocolate egg comes with 13 miniature eggs filled with dark chocolate ganache, dark chocolate and caramel ganache, milk chocolate and caramel ganache, hazelnut praline, vanilla ganache and pistachio praline.

Comments: This egg has a quirky design and is packed with truffles, but the chocolate itself is a little bland.

Price: £39/250g, Selfridges

Reese’s peanut butter Easter egg

About the Easter egg: Reese’s milk chocolate egg comes with three peanut butter mini cream eggs on the side.

Comments: Chocolate with peanut butter is a great combination, but the shell doesn’t have enough snap and is too sweet.


Price: £6/232g, Tesco

A bright yellow box with Reese's written on it has an egg wrapped in gold foil on the inside. Below it are three small peanut butter eggs

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