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Best milk chocolate Easter egg

Winner: ASDA Extra Special Milk Pretzel Egg. Extra Thick Honeycomb, Pretzel & Caramel Milk Chocolate Egg

This large egg felt luxurious – thick chocolate is stuffed with crunchy honeycomb, pretzel and caramel pieces for a moreish and satisfying bite with a good hint of salt. We kept going back for more and impressively it didn’t get sickly.

Available from:
Asda (£7)

Runner up: M&S The Collection Belgian Milk Chocolate Layered Egg, 345g

The two layers of this smart egg felt decadent and gave a great mouthfeel: the snap of the top layer and creamy praline inner layer. The little pieces of nuts throughout nicely balance the sweetness of the chocolate. A grown-up egg.

Best white chocolate Easter egg

Winner: Morrisons The Best White & Blonde Chocolate Egg, 240g

A standout winner, this decadent blonde chocolate egg was perfectly balanced – with sweet caramel notes and good depth of rich butterscotch flavour, plus crunch from crispy feuilletine biscuit pieces.

Available from:
Morrisons (£7)

Runner up: Lidl Deluxe Premium Easter Egg (White Chocolate), 200g

  • Available from Lidl (in-store)

A creamy combination of rich white chocolate balanced by tart raspberry pieces – very sweet but sweet tooths will enjoy.

Best dark chocolate Easter egg

Winner: Lidl Deluxe Premium Easter Egg (Dark Chocolate & Coffee), 200g

  • Available from Lidl, £4.99 (in-store)

Thin chocolate had a good snap and subtle crunch. The coffee addition makes this a grown-up egg but adds welcome bitterness to balance out the sweetness.

Available from:
Lidl, £4.99 (in-store)

Runner up: M&S Extremely Chocolatey Dark Chocolate Pretzel & Peanut Crunch, 210g

  • Available from M&S, £7 (in-store)

This had a nice amount of salt and crunch and smooth chocolate. A good entry level dark chocolate egg.

Best luxury chocolate Easter egg

Winner: M&S The Collection Belgian Dark Chocolate Layered Egg, £12, 345g

The two layers of this decadent egg added to the luxury feel – with a creamy lining contrasting against intense dark chocolate. Sweet but balanced and quick melting.

Available from:
Ocado (£12)

Runner up: Aldi Wildflower Egg, 300g

  • Available from Aldi (£12.99, in-store)

Judges loved the subtly nutty crunch on this shimmering egg with sparkling pearls. It’s very sweet and the chocolate is a good thickness.

Runner up: Waitrose Hidden Truffles Milk Chocolate Easter Egg, 215g

Silky smooth dark chocolate had a good snap and was undeniably rich. The boozy truffles won’t be to everybody’s taste but are a nice added extra for a luxury egg.

Best vegan Easter egg

Winner: Asda Extra Special Free From Dark Chocolate Egg with Vanilla Flavour Truffles

The most intensely chocolatey of all we tried, this was dark and intense but not overpowering. The truffles were creamy and a welcome addition – you wouldn’t know they were vegan.

Available from:
Asda (£5)

Runner up: Tesco Wicked Kitchen Salted Caramel Crisp Egg, 130g

A lot of vegan chocolate is dark chocolate – we liked this as a milk chocolate alternative. Caramel crisp offers crunch and the level of sweetness gives it that appealing milk chocolate richness.

<h3How we chose the winners


The olive team chose 12 categories having researched which products you, our readers, would be most likely to buy this Easter. We invited all the big supermarkets to select the products they wanted to nominate (just one entry per category, so they had to choose carefully). Our expert panel of judges blind-tasted them, rating each on taste, texture and appearance. We then awarded 'winner' and runner up accolades to our favourites.


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