Best Supermarket Easter Eggs

Best supermarket Easter eggs 2020

The olive supermarket awards are here to make your life easier. We’ve selected the very best ready-made products to ensure a hassle-free Easter celebration

Check out the best supermarket Easter eggs to buy this year, from vegan Easter eggs to luxury and white chocolate, we’ve got it covered.


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* Prices correct at time of print

Best dark chocolate Easter egg

Winner: Sainsbury’s Cocoa et Co single-origin dark chocolate teardrop, £10/220g

This smooth dark chocolate egg has prominent berry notes, lending it a complex, grown-up flavour.

A dark chocolate egg in a teardrop shape

Best milk chocolate Easter egg

Winner: Aldi Moser Roth giant dragon’s egg, £14.99/800g

An all-round showstopper. This enormous egg impresses with its complex, toffee-forward undertones, creamy texture and delicate shell.

A giant egg being held in a persons hand

Highly commended: Lidl Deluxe extra premium Easter egg, Valencian orange milk chocolate, £4.99/210g

Buy this orange blossom egg for its pure floral flavour and creamy mouthfeel. Perfect if you like fruity chocolate.

A milk chocolate egg in an orange box

Best white chocolate Easter egg

Winner: M&S The Collection extra thick white and blonde chocolate egg, £12/500g

Make this your must-buy egg of 2020. The double chocolate whammy (creamy white on one side, posh Caramac-style on the other) combined with an extra-thick shell and biscuity scent means you’ll be eating it all Easter.

A white chocolate egg

Highly commended: Sainsbury’s Cocoa et Co white chocolate bunny, £8/405g

A great option for children, this mellow, milky egg has a well-balanced sweetness.

A white chocolate bunny

Best luxury chocolate Easter egg

Winner: M&S The Collection marbled truffle egg, £15/480g

With its impressive marbled design and crunchy feuilletine-style layer inside, this luxury egg is moreish enough to eat in one sitting.

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A marbled dark, milk and white chocolate egg

Highly commended: Tesco Finest the pearl, £10/300g

This creamy egg has three distinct layers (including a white chocolate and raspberry middle) and is perfect for those with a sweeter tooth.

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An Easter egg with a shell of dark chocolate, a shell of white chocolate and a small hollow caramel milk egg

Best vegan Easter egg

Winner: Asda Extra Special free-from dark chocolate egg with vanilla flavoured truffles, £5/200g

A creamy dark chocolate egg, with intense roasted cocoa bean notes and a peppering of cocoa nibs for added crunch.

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A free-from dark chocolate egg

How we chose the winners

The olive team chose eight categories having researched which products you, our readers, would be most likely to buy this Easter. We invited all the big supermarkets to select the products they wanted to nominate (just one entry per category, so they had to choose carefully). Our expert panel of judges blind-tasted them, rating each on taste, texture and appearance. We then awarded winner and highly commended accolades to our favourites.


Look out for these olive badges as a mark of excellence:

A pink logo with olive magazine taste test winner written on
A green logo with the words olive magazine taste test highly commended