How to prepare greens

Want to know the best way to get delicious green leaves off their woody stem? Watch our speedy 20-second video to find out - all you need is a sharp knife!

step-by-step guide to preparing greens

Watch the video above to learn how to prepare greens quickly and simply. Then use your newfound technique in our lovely charred hispi cabbage recipe


step 1

Break away each leaf from its stem using your hands.

step 2

Hold the leaf vertically by its base; then, using your other hand, cut the leaf clean away from its steam with a sharp knife.

step 3

The leaf should come away smoothly and you’ll be left only with stem. Retain and use in a vegetable stock for creating a quick risotto.


You can use this technique for everything from spring greens to hispi cabbage – just as long as there’s a vertical stem to your vegetable.