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Coffee gadgets

Best coffee gadgets and accessories

Go beyond a kettle and cafetière, and take your pick of our favourite coffee gadgets and accessories

It’s time to take your coffee to the next level with these handy coffee gadgets and accessories. Whether you’re an espresso aficionado or a filter fan, these coffee extras will give your classic brew a barista-style boost.


Once you’ve got your equipment sorted, you’re just missing the coffee itself: sign up to a coffee subscription so you never run out. You can also head out to one of our best barista courses and learn some new skills to put to use in your kitchen. For even more inspiration, our guide to the best gifts for coffee lovers includes everything from coffee perfume to games and books.

Best coffee gadgets and accessories to buy in 2021

Wacaco Minipresso espresso maker, Selfridges, £50

An espresso maker that fits in a handbag, this is a very handy gadget that means you don’t need to compromise on the quality of your coffee even when on the go. This manual 5-part maker produces a seriously good single espresso. Read our full review of the Wacaco minipresso.

Wacaco Minipresso GR espresso maker

Ember Mug, temperature control smart mug, Selfridges, £100

Take your coffee high-tech with this smart mug from Ember. It allows you to set the exact temperature you desire, so your coffee is never too hot or too cold – also good if you like delicate herbal or green teas. The mug keeps the drink at your chosen temperature for one-and-a-half hours, so you don’t have to gulp it quickly. It’s all linked up to an app where you can set the  temperatures for different brews and be notified when a drink is ready. There are two sizes, various colours to choose from and even a travel version for £180.

SELFRIDGES Ember Mug temperature control smart mug 295ml £100

Pour-over coffee maker, Bodum, £35

Forget messy and wasteful coffee filter papers and invest in this Bodum model with a permanent filter. It’s made from stainless steel, so it won’t trap flavours or essential oils while allowing the coffee to evenly drip into the glass carafe below. The cork grip makes it safe to pour your finished cup, and as a bonus the carafe is dishwasher-safe.

Bodum pour over cork

Barista & Co. pour-over jug, Wayfair, £29.99

Rather than pouring hot water directly from a kettle, this specially designed jug affords you much more accuracy and control to evenly and delicately saturate the coffee grounds, allowing its flavour to shine through. It has an ergonomic grip and inner measurements for accuracy.

Barista & Co. pour over jug

Barista & Co. coffee scoop, Fortnum & Mason, £12

Measure the perfect cup of coffee in style with this sleek scoop. The deep sides and cleverly tapered edge of the spoon make it simple and comfortable to use. It also has measuring marks for the most accurately formulated brew.

Barista & Co coffee scoop

40-pod rotating Nespresso coffee storage, Wayfair, £14.99

If you’re an avid user of your Nespresso or other coffee pod machine, you’ll appreciate this chic rotating coffee pod stand. It clears your counter and makes a colourful statement.

40-Pod Nespresso Rotating Coffee Pod Storage - £14.99

Zoku iced coffee maker, Amazon, £27.48

When a heatwave hits, a cooling cup is just the thing. This clever iced coffee-maker chills a hot coffee in 5-10 minutes without the need for adding ice, so no more watery brews. The stainless steel mug needs to be frozen overnight, then you slide it into the insulated sleeve (multiple colours are available), pour in your coffee and leave for 5-10 mins to chill. The travel mug and straw mean it’s great for on the go – perhaps, a drink in the park when the sun is out.

Zoku iced coffee maker

1.2-litre vacuum canister, Amazon, £39.24

Keep coffee beans fresh with this vacuum canister. An improvement on a standard storage jar, the vacuum seal removes oxygen and prevents oxidisation, so your coffee beans don’t lose their delicate flavour or aroma. While coffee is always best freshly ground, if you grind too much this is handy to prevent it going stale.

Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister for Coffee & Food Storage

Bialetti milk froth pitcher, John Lewis, £15

Despite many coffee machines having a milk steaming wand, not all provide a milk steaming jug. This simply designed vessel will make frothing milk much easier, with a professional drip spout for carefully pouring foam – perfect if you’re attempting some delicate latte art.

Bialetti Stainless Steel Milk Froth Pitcher, 500ml, £15

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