• Wipeable stainless steel, protected cup warmer


  • Hard to keep free of finger marks

The result of a collaboration between cult coffee brand Grind and Swedish coffee brand Sjöstrand, this 19-bar coffee pod machine, built in stainless steel, has a sleek industrial aesthetic.


The controls are kept simple. An airplane switch powers it on, a manual lever locks in the coffee pods, and a pair of stainless steel buttons offer short and long espresso options. The rails on its top make for a genuinely safe cup warmer. This simple functionality softened by clever design hacks like backlit controls is a real strength. What it does, it does well. Use it with Grind’s house blend compostable coffee pods for best results (£10 for a pack of 20).

How easy is it to set up the Grind One coffee pod machine?

Once this machine is out of its box, you need to lock in the height-adjustable drip tray. A series of vertical notches allow you to move it manually. The power lead plugs in underneath the machine which is cunning because this means the machine can be pushed right back against your kitchen wall. We'd recommend doing this before loading the drip.

Its footprint on the countertop is small, so there’s plenty of room left in front for plates and making breakfast. Because the drip tray is raised, you can actually fit plates underneath it but it's also removable so can be taken off.

The manual requires you to run a process of de-airing on first use - a way of flushing the system with water without a coffee pod. It's important to read the instructions for this one as some nifty lever pulling is required to tell the machine to brew through the spout and not into the pod bin.

Espresso results

The machine's warming setting is indicated by flashing lights and is relatively quick. Once the pod is loaded and the lever lowered to close, short or long espresso options can be chosen by pressing one of two buttons.

There’s a memory function option which allows you to alter the quantity of water per cup. Keeping the button pressed releases more water and the machine stores this for your next cup – something we loved.

Pods load from the top. There's no cover for this, although you can store it closed with the lever down. Both espressos were rich in flavour with a velvety crema and no hint of bitterness.

Once full, the pod bin pulls out from the front and is incredibly simple to reload once emptied. After 1,200 uses the manual says that the machine will trigger a descaling alarm every time the machine is used.

olive’s take: should you buy the Grind One coffee pod machine?

Very simply, yes. It's an expensive purchase but the Grind One matches its style with performance in producing mess-free espresso that's deliciously brewed. One downside is that the shiny surface takes some maintenance to keep free of finger marks.

If you're a fan of milky frothy coffees, this isn't the machine for you and a bean-to-cup coffee machine would be a much better option.

Available from Grind (£275)

Grind One coffee pod machine specifications

Pressure: 19-bars pressure
Used pod container size: 15-capsule container
Water tank: 1.2 litre removable water tank
Drip tray: Manually adjustable for large and small cups
Coffee functions: Automatic and programmable coffee quantity
Power save mode: Yes
Wattage: 1250-1400w
Dimensions: 33.6cm x 18.6 cm x 25.9 cm.

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