• compact design, sustainable manual-pump, integrated cup, scoop and tamper, affordable price


  • single espresso capacity

Wacaco Minipresso GR espresso maker review summary

The Wacaco is what you buy a coffee lover who has everything. It’s that rare bit of kit that invokes a sense of play before producing a serious single espresso, complete with thick crema. The process is gratifyingly hands-on.


Combine this with excellent build-quality and an affordable price and you have a portable, practical coffee gadget for under £40. We were struck by the design – its five components stack, screw and slot intelligently together to form the portable, hand-sized machine, light enough to carry in a rucksack and protected by its own carry pouch.

Available from:
Wacaco (£36.90)
Amazon (£52.99)

What was the Wacaco like to use?

The instructions offer clear diagrams for walking you through the assembly process. Taken apart, there are five core parts; the main body featuring the manual pump, an outlet head into which you slot the espresso filter basket and an espresso cup with a soft-touch gripper.

Then there’s the water ‘tank’, that, when empty, cleverly stores the 8-gram coffee scoop/tamper and a small cleaning brush. You’re dealing with loose coffee grinds so there’s a lot of scope to make a mess, but elements like the scoop slotting neatly into the espresso filter basket help minimise this.

Despite its size, the Wacaco produces an average pressure of 8-bars (116 PSI) and generated one of the best shots of coffee out of all the machines we tested. It’s rich, packed with flavour (without being bitter) and has a great crema, even from the first three pumps.

olive’s take: should you buy the Wacaco GR espresso maker?

It’s not a fast or faff-free espresso maker. You’re limited to making a single espresso at a time, it takes around 20 pumps for full extraction and the maker does steal heat from the hot water.

However, it’s supremely portable, robust and a smart solution to making coffee on the go. Plus, it has some nice features to boost its usability, like a soft-touch pump. Most importantly, the espresso is delicious.

Available from:
Wacaco (£36.90)
Amazon (£52.99)

Wacaco Minipresso GR specifications

Ground capacity: 8g
Average pressure: 8 bar
Tank size: 70ml water tank
Dimensions: 17.5cm x 7cm x 6cm
Product weight: 360g

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