Best ever cheesecake recipes - blueberry cheesecake with speculoos crust

Best ever blueberry recipes

Baked blueberry cheesecake, lemon and blueberry poke cake and blueberry breakfast muffins all make it into our top 15 blueberry recipes. Give these deliciously fruity recipes a go!

Try our 12 blueberry recipes. Our fresh blueberry recipes make the most out of this superfood. Try one of our blueberry desserts including baked blueberry cheesecake and a fab blueberry cake recipe.


Blueberries are high in vitamins and antioxidants so they are a great addition to your diet. Give our low calorie blueberry muffins a go for an on-the-go breakfast or make a batch of crowd pleasing blueberry bars for your local bake sale.

Brioche french toast with warm blueberry compote is a decadent treat on the weekend or be good with our breakfast smoothie bowl!

Pull-apart blueberry muffin bread

We’re christening this bread/muffin mash-up a bruffin – not as sweet or cakey as a classic muffin, so it makes a great breakfast bake.

Blueberry Muffin Bread Recipe with Crumble

Roasted plums with balsamic blueberries

Turn the humble plum into something special in just 20 minutes with this sweet, syrupy sauce.

Baked Plums Recipe with Blueberries and Balsamic Vinegar

Blueberry and mascarpone slice

Make the puff pastry base and blueberry compote ahead for a speedy assembly job ideal for your next summer dinner party.

Blueberry Mascarpone Tart Recipe

Baked blueberry cheesecake

Check out this indulgent creamy baked blueberry cheesecake. This easy recipe is super simple to make, and is a real crowd pleaser. Check out our cheesecake recipes here.

Baked blueberry cheesecake

Blueberry shortcakes

Fill these crumbly American style scones (shortcakes) with our easy, homemade blueberry compote and mascarpone. Many more afternoon tea recipes here.

Blueberry Shortcake Recipe

Spelt buttermilk drop scones with blueberry compote

These spelt buttermilk drop scones are a great brunch option, super soft and fluffy. Serve these pancakes with homemade blueberry compote and a dollop of natural yogurt.

Spelt buttermilk drop scones with blueberry compote

Lemon and blueberry bars

These simple lemon and blueberry bars are seriously moreish, gooey on the inside and crunchy on the out, the ideal snack.

Lemon and blueberry slice

Lemon and blueberry poke cake

Our lemon and blueberry poke cake is sure to be a hit with the whole family. It’s easy to make but tastes and looks delicious. Try one of our show-stopping cake recipes here.

Lemon and blueberry poke cake

Apricot, blueberry and almond breakfast muffins

Banana and yogurt keep these muffins moist, while the butter, ground almonds and oats make them filling. No added sugar means you’re getting the day off to a good start too.

Apricot, blueberry and almond breakfast muffins

Baked blueberry donuts with lemon glaze

These baked blueberry doughnuts with lemon glaze look fantastic, taste delicious and are surprisingly easy to make. Plus, because they’re baked not fried, they’re healthier than your average doughnut. You will need a doughnut-baking tray, available from Lakeland or Sainsbury’s. Try our epic doughnut recipes here.

Baked blueberry donuts with lemon glaze

Lime and blueberry crumble creams

This easy dessert recipe calls for very little hands-on action. All of the elements can be made a day ahead, then layered up in glasses up to an hour before serving.

Lime and blueberry crumble creams

Blueberry cheesecake with speculoos crust

Speculoos are small spiced, caramelised biscuits – the kind you sometimes get with coffee – that originated from Holland and Belgium. They make a great alternative base for cheesecake and work particularly well with blueberries. This dessert is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser.

Blueberry cheesecake with speculoos crust

Blueberry breakfast muffins

Blueberry breakfast muffins might seem like an indulgence, but they don’t have to be. A few little tweaks like using flaxseed and yogurt bring these in under 200 calories. Try our breakfast muffins recipes here.

blueberry breakfast muffins

Brioche French toast with warm blueberry compote

Superfood blueberries make a delicious warm compote to cut through the ice cream or clotted cream in this recipe. The golden fried bread is such a warming comfort food and makes this dish a really indulgent dessert or breakfast idea.

French toast

Very berry pavlova

Pavlova is a classic British pud but it can be tricky to get right. Don’t worry though, with step-by-step help from olive’s test kitchen, you can create this show-stopping pud. Try our meringue recipes here, including expert tips for baking with meringues.

very berry pavlova

Breakfast smoothie bowl

Breakfast smoothie bowls are a big trend and it’s all about how you arrange your toppings. Experiment with different fruits and veg and any superfood toppings you can get your hands on.

breakfast smoothie