Valentines Cocktail For Gin Fizz With Rhubarb Syrup

Rhubarb and rose gin fizz

  • makes 1
  • Easy

We’ve given a classic ramos gin fizz an update for Valentine’s Day, swapping the usual orange blossom water for rose water and adding a touch of homemade rhubarb syrup to give it a blush of pink. It’s delicate in flavour and creamy enough to replace dessert, and is bound to impress


 Make this fruity rhubarb and rose gin fizz, then check out our kir royale, rhubarb gin and rhubarb cordial. Also learn how to make your own grenadine to use in this cocktail.



  • Hendrick’s gin 60ml
  • lemon juice 15ml
  • lime juice 15ml
  • rhubarb syrup 20ml
  • grenadine 5ml
  • rose water 1-2 drops
  • double cream 25ml
  • egg white 1
  • soda to top up
  • dried rose petals to serve


  • rhubarb 250g
  • caster sugar 250g


  • Step 1

    Heat the oven to 200C/fan 180C/gas 6. For the syrup, put the rhubarb and the sugar in a baking dish with 250ml water and roast for 30 minutes, then strain and cool.

  • Step 2

    Put all of the ingredients except the soda and rose petals into a cocktail shaker without ice and shake hard (this is called dry shaking). Open the shaker, fill with ice and shake again, very hard, for as long as you can but at least a few minutes. Strain into a chilled glass and top with the soda. Carefully garnish with a few rose petals, to serve.