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Sage The Bambino Plus SES500BSS espresso machine

Sage SES500BSS The Bambino Plus espresso maker

Published: June 7, 2021 at 1:50 pm
A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
Our Rating
GBP £399 RRP

If you're looking for a reliable, well-styled espresso machine built to last, this is one to consider. Read our review


  • easy to clean, great tasting espresso, effective frother


  • rickety drip tray

Sage The Bambino Plus espresso maker review summary

Capable of brewing richly thick espresso complete with silky crema, but without the price tag of the brand’s bean-to-cup counterparts, this Bambino is an excellent mid-range espresso machine. It delivers above the industry standard for the price, offering a brushed metal body, plus pleasingly textured control buttons that are tactile to use.


Available from:
Sage (£399.95)
John Lewis (£399)
Amazon (£399)

What was the Sage Bambino espresso maker like to use?

It’s a relatively simple bit of kit to put together, bar the disposable water filter which proved a tad fiddly to load into the water tank. These need to be changed regularly to help prolong the life of your machine, so you may want to consider only using pre-filtered water in this machine to help reduce the regular costs of the filters.

The instruction manual will help you get the brew-head attachments, along with your dosing and tamping technique, down. Sage has a great reputation for its easy-to-follow guides and troubleshooting manuals that are particularly user-friendly.

Stand-out controls include the milk steamer and adjustable temperature control, designed to accommodate your chosen cup, plus a high-quality milk steamer jug is provided.

olive’s take: should you buy the Sage Bambino?

One thing to be wary of is that the gadget’s footprint is surprisingly deep, so would be best accommodated in a corner in smaller kitchens. However, it’s an espresso machine built to last, and designed to deliver exceptional espresso every time. Brushed chrome frontages are a class aesthetic for a kitchen, but require some TLC for cleaning off fingerprints. Occasionally, it will also need a clean from the inside out, but the brand facilitates this. If you have the budget to spend, this espresso machine is truly a no-brainer.

Available from:
Sage (£399.95)
John Lewis (£399)
Amazon (£399)

Sage The Bambino Plus espresso maker specifications

Pressure: 9 bar
Colour: stainless steel
Item weight: 6.48 Kg
Product dimensions: 32cm x 20cm x 31cm
Power/wattage: 1,600W
Voltage: 240V
Material: stainless steel

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