Have you ever tried a veg box delivery? The easy way to guarantee healthy eating choices throughout the week, signing up to a veg box delivery takes the stress out of food shopping, with veg delivered direct to your door every week, fortnight or month.


There are plenty of different styles of veg box to choose from to best suit your needs – whether you want organic produce, UK produce only, plenty of fruit or the chance to try something entirely new. Boxes vary by size to suit your household, with some even offering the chance to submit likes and dislikes to ensure your box is perfectly tailored to you and nothing goes to waste.

Read on for our pick of the 10 best veg box deliveries to find the perfect one for you.

The best veg box deliveries to buy in 2023



According to Oddbox, as much as 40% of food is wasted globally– meaning the water and energy that went into producing it is wasted, too. Oddbox aims to reduce this, rescuing fruit and veg that would otherwise go to waste.

It offers fruit and veg subscription boxes in four different sizes, all containing produce rescued directly from farms (from both the UK and abroad) that may otherwise be deemed 'too odd' or have too many to be sold. The box arrives with a helpful leaflet that explains what is inside, where the produce has travelled from and how to store your produce to maximise its shelf life at home. There’s also a QR code which links to recipe ideas on how to use up your fruit and veg, helpful for meal planning or if you receive something you don't often cook with. You can add preferences to your Oddbox account to ensure you don't get any veg you're not a fan of, and these will be replaced.

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Oddbox doesn't yet deliver across the whole of the UK, but you can check your postcode on the website to see if you’re within the delivery area. Delivery days vary by area and happen overnight so the box will be there ready in the morning and you don't have to wait in for deliveries. You can choose between weekly and monthly deliveries, and can cancel your subscription any time.

Available from:
Oddbox (from £11.99)

Abel & Cole


Abel & Cole specialises in organic produce, offering a wide range of produce from fruit and veg to dairy, meat and fish, bakery or storecupboard items. You can subscribe to meat & fish or fruit & veg boxes to regularly deliver direct to your door, then add on other items from the range for a complete food shop if you wish.

There's a variety of veg box options to choose from, including fruit bowl favourites, seasonal salads, BBQ fruit and veg or classic boxes. Boxes come in a variety of sizes to suit your household, and swaps are available on certain boxes to add your favourites. The website shows the contents of the box for the next two weeks at a time, with a variety of UK and foreign produce. The small fruit and veg box contains six portions of veg and two of fruit for £15.30.

The delivery day is chosen for you depending on when the vans will be in your local area, as part of an aim to be environmentally friendly. The box is recyclable (you can leave it out to be collected with your next delivery) and you can adapt the frequency of your delivery, which is handy for when you're on holiday.

Available from:
Abel & Cole (from £14.25)

The Tomato Stall


If you miss the top quality tomatoes you find on holiday across Europe, The Tomato Stall is for you. Based on the Isle of Wight (one of the sunniest places in the UK, and therefore ideal for tomatoes), The Tomato Stall grows more than 40 varieties of tomatoes and delivers them across the UK.

There are a variety of boxes to choose from focussing on different varieties such as Piccolo, plum or Beefsteak tomatoes. For a wider variety, go for the Ultimate Produce Box, combining a generous 3kg of mixed tomatoes, plus different varieties of aubergines and peppers for a taste of summer. Despite the soft veg and journey from the Isle of Wight, all produce arrived intact, with different varieties in individual cardboard boxes for easy storage and recycling. You can adapt the frequency to either weekly, fortnightly or every four weeks.

Available from:
The Tomato Stall (£35 for Ultimate Produce Box)

Milk & More


Milk & More started, as the name may suggest, as a modern day milkman delivering reusable, returnable bottles of milk. Breakfast treats and household essentials soon followed, with a range of fruit and veg boxes now available for delivery.

There is a compact range of fruit and veg boxes to choose from, varying by organic and non-organic produce, a premium offering and just fruit options. The combined organic fruit and veg box is £16.50 and includes a minimum of seven items – when tested, we received seven different veg plus two different fruits. The contents of the current week are listed on the website (including weight of each item) when ordering so you know what to expect in your delivery.

Delivered by your milkman, your box will be on your doorstep before 9am so will always be ready for the day ahead. The cardboard box delivery is plastic-free and can be left outside to be collected on your next delivery for reuse or recycling.

Available from:
Milk & More (£16.50)



Organic specialist Riverford offers a wider range of organic produce, from recipe kits and regular meat boxes to household essentials. The fruit and veg box offering is separated into salad boxes, fruit boxes, veg boxes or a combination.

For the combined fruit and veg boxes, there are three sizes to choose from – the small box starts at £17.05 and has seven items for one to two people, while the largest box is £27.55 with 11 items (and larger quantities of each) to feed three to four people. The majority of the produce is UK-grown, with some fruit added from around the world. The contents of the upcoming boxes are listed on the website when ordering, including rough weights of each product and where it is from, so you can plan meals accordingly. For just veg boxes, there is a wide variety of different options to choose from, including familiar favourites or 100% UK boxes to cut down on the food miles.

The delivery arrives in an open cardboard crate that can be collapsed and returned with your next delivery to be reused up to 10 times. You can choose a one-off box to try it out, or subscribe to a weekly, fortnightly, three-weekly or monthly delivery.

Available from:
Riverford (from £17.05)



If you want to discover top-quality fruit and veg you won't find in the supermarket, Natoora's peak season box is sure to expand your veg horizons. Natoora supplies top restaurants across London and beyond, plus has produce available via Ocado and Wholefoods.

The Peak Season Box is curated by the Natoora sourcing team to offer the best of the changing seasons from across Europe. In summer, this could include apricots from France, broad beans from the UK, samphire from Wales and courgettes from Italy.

The Peak Season Box from Natoora is available via its app, which itself offers a deep dive into an extremely wide variety of fruit and veg – ideal if you're looking for something very specific. The main newsfeed of the app lists what will be in the box, with the contents changing each week. The shop section also lists the approximate weights of items. Each box should contain 10-11 different items, although may contain more when there’s plenty of stock. The delivery itself aims to minimise packaging (arriving in a cardboard crate with minimal plastic round the contents) so all information is on the app, including the names of each supplier.

Delivery options vary across the UK, from next-day in London to thrice-weekly options in Oxford and Brighton, or Monday-to-Friday deliveries in the rest of the UK.

Available from:
Natoora (£35)

Daylesford Organic


Inspired by sustainability, the world of Daylesford Organic has expanded from a Cotswolds farm shop to offering homeware, gardenware, hampers and gifts alongside its organic produce.

For a simple, minimalist veg box, Daylesford Organic offers a Market Garden Veg Box containing five organic items for £15. There are no substitutions available and the contents of the box are a mystery each week, with no online list of contents, so it is best if you're not picky. The veg selection can include essentials such as herbs and garlic, too. It is not a subscription offering, so you can simply order as and when you'd like it for the week.

There is some plastic packaging involved in the delivery (sent straight from the Daylesford farm via DPD) such as chilled gel packs that can't be recycled, but there is a card included on how to use each bit of packaging.

Available from:
Daylesford Organic (£15)

Borough Market

Screenshot 2023-07-06 at 17.41.45

Borough Market has a global reputation as a hub for great produce. Now, even if you can't get to the market itself, you can try out its suppliers via a fruit and veg box delivery.

There are plenty of Best of Borough Market boxes to choose from, including a steak and cheese night box or Italian date night. The Family Favourites veg box aims to feed four for a week for £32.50, or there is the Essential Fruit and Veg Box for £40. The boxes contain a huge amount of produce – with the Fruit and Veg Box containing up to 20 different items. The list of contents online is only potential contents, so there is some surprise with the delivery, but guaranteed plenty of variety to keep you going across the week and reach more than your five-a-day.

The box arrives in a cardboard box protected by brown paper, all of which was recyclable. It is available for a one-off purchase or subscription and you can pick a time slot for delivery just like a supermarket order.

Available from:
Good Sixty (£32.50)

The Organic Delivery Company


The premise of The Organic Delivery Company is clear from the name and it offers one of the widest ranges of fruit and veg boxes we've seen. These include a singles fruit and veg box for those cooking for one, plastic-free boxes, salad boxes and juicing boxes tailored to different goals. All produce is 100% organic.

The contents of each box are listed online when browsing along with country of origin, although not weight. You can also add preferences so if there is anything you're not keen on, this can be swapped out. The small veg box includes seven items and the large has 11, with generous quantities of everything included. The delivery arrives in a cardboard box, with the option to hand it back to the driver at your next delivery. Delivery is free for all orders over £13.95 and there's plenty more on offer to add to your delivery, too, including dairy, drinks, storecupboard and household items.

Available from:
The Organic Delivery Company (from £13.15)

Eversfield Organic


Eversfield Organic began as a family farm in Devon that offered organic meat for delivery including its own organic beef. It now works with local suppliers to offer everything you need for your food shop, from fruit and veg to charcuterie and ready meals.

The range of fruit and veg boxes includes specialist boxes, great for a one-off purchase, such as a juice box, 'soup up your stew' box or BBQ grilling box in summer. The classic veg box is available in three sizes from £11.95-£19.95, offering from seven to nine different varieties of produce depending on the size. The contents for two weeks at a time are listed on the website, including weights, so you can anticipate what you're receiving. You can order a box as a one-off purchase or subscribe and save with regular deliveries to get 5% off your order.

Available from:
Eversfield Organic (from £11.95)


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