Glazed Gammon with Pineapple Relish

Best Christmas ham recipes

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Looking for an epic ham recipe to serve guests over the festive season? Check out our best ham and gammon recipes from maple-glazed to ham with fig and almond crust


Try our Christmas ham and gammon recipes for easy entertaining recipes. In case you don’t fancy turkey this Christmas, we have easy roast ham recipes, Boxing Day baked ham recipes and easy gammon recipes. From stuffed ham to sticky pomegranate glazed ham and baked sweet mustard gammon.

We also have a selection of show-stopping vegetarian centrepieces for the festive season here and easy veggie sides to go along side your feast.



  • Our Christmas ham recipes use who joints of ham and gammon

Best gammon recipes for Christmas

Sherry-and-quince-glazed ham with pineapple relish

This ham can be scaled up or down in size – just use the calculations on the recipe. Rather than the fuss of boiling then baking, we prefer to tent the ham with foil and bake in its own juices before glazing, why not try this to go alongside your Christmas Day turkey.

Glazed Gammon with Pineapple Relish

Maple-glazed gammon with apple slaw

This maple-glazed gammon recipe from Dan Doherty is a clever update on a classic roast. Serve it with bittersweet chicory and a fresh slaw to cut through the salt with your Christmas Day feast. More Christmas Day centrepiece recipes here.

Maple Glazed Gammon Recipe With Apple Slaw

Baked sweet mustard gammon with deli potato salad

A baked gammon or ham is one of the easiest ways to feed a crowd over Christmas and this maple-glazed one can be eaten cold for days after. Serve with all the trimmings and perfect roasties.

Baked sweet mustard gammon with deli potato salad

Christmas gammon recipe with brown sugar glaze

Looking for a moreish ham recipe to impress your guests this Christmas? Try our cider-braised gammon with a sweet brown sugar glaze to serve alongside your turkey and trimmings. Check out our Christmas trimmings recipes here.

Gammon in Cider Recipe with Brown Sugar Ham Glaze

Best ham recipes for Christmas

Maryland stuffed Christmas ham

Want an impressive ham recipe for your Boxing Day buffet? Check out this unusual brined ham with a piquant mix of spiced greens recipe. Not only does this cut through the rich meat beautifully, but it looks great on the plate. The glaze is less traditional (and optional) but will give the ham a nice finish.

Maryland Stuffed Ham Recipe

Pomegranate Christmas ham recipe

A brilliant alternative to turkey, goose and lamb on Christmas Day. Or something for Boxing Day, if you've run out of meat by then! The aromas while cooking this ham are sensational; leave the kitchen door open so that everyone can enjoy it. Serve alongside our super crispy roasties.

Sweet And Sour Sticky Pomegranate Ham Recipe

Glazed ham and rhubarb relish

Check out this glazed ham and super easy rhubarb relish recipe from Terry Blake's diverse menu at his first restaurant, Sparrow in south London. Make this easy ham recipe for fuss-free easy Christmas feasting.

Glazed ham recipe and rhubarb relish

Ham with fig and almond crust

Sherry, figs and almonds make this ham a great alternative for turkey on Christmas Day. Serve with roast potatoes or with brioche buns to stuff thick slices into for your Boxing Day feast.

Ham With Fig And Almond Crust Recipe

Baked ham with negroni glaze

Our glazed baked ham recipe is inspired by the classic Italian negroni cocktail. The spices infuse the meat for a fragrant flavour and the glaze gives a sweet, boozy hit. This ham works really well for a Sunday roast centrepiece or for an easy Christmas lunch.

Baked Ham With A Negroni Glaze Recipe

Ham with spiced maple glaze

This recipe for spiced maple-glazed ham screams Christmas to us. Simmering the ham keeps the meat incredibly juicy, but if you’d rather bake it you can do the first part of cooking in the oven. Check out our best Christmas veggie side recipes to serve with your Christmas ham.

Maple-Glazed Ham Recipe

Root beer glazed ham

Mother’s restaurant in New Orleans is famous for its baked ham. The recipe is top secret, but the glaze is rumoured to include root beer. Give our version a go...

Root Beer Ham Recipe

Baked ham with spiced oranges

Impress guests with this baked ham over the Christmas season. The key to this delicious ham is its glaze of maple syrup and orange juice. Make sure to ask your butcher whether the ham needs overnight soaking before cooking.

Baked Ham Recipe with Oranges

Ham with tarragon and parsley sauce recipe

Looking for a ham recipe to serve guests on Boxing Day? Thick slices of delicious cooked ham, covered in a rich and creamy herb sauce is perfect with your festive feast.

Ham with Parsley Sauce Recipe

Glazed Christmas ham with pineapple chutney

The perfect festive centrepiece, this feasting dish features ham slowly boiled with bay leaves, star anise and peppercorns. Serve with plenty of pineapple chutney.

Glazed Christmas Ham Recipe with Pineapple Chutney