Vegan Eton Mess Recipe

Easy aquafaba recipes

Make the most of aquafaba with our delicious recipes, from indulgent vegan Eton mess to fluffy vegan Yorkshire puddings. Learn how to use this clever substitute

Want to know how to use aquafaba in your cooking? Searching for the very best vegan desserts? Try our delectable plant-based recipes below, then get stuck into our easy vegan baking ideas for even more treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. 


What is aquafaba?

The unsalted soaking water from tins of chickpeas is known as aquafaba. It is naturally high in protein and is often used as an egg white alternative in food and cocktails. It whips up into glossy stiff peaks with barely any flavour and can be made into meringues, soufflés and macarons, making it the perfect vegan egg substitute. 

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Easy aquafaba recipes

Vegan meringues

It sounds mad, but it works! Use aquafaba to make these bite-sized meringues, perfect for topping cakes and bakes, or eaten with whipped coconut cream and a drizzle of sharp berry coulis.

Vegan Yorkshire puddings

It took two years to perfect this magic vegan Yorkshire puddings recipe. You’ll need gram flour and aquafaba to make these golden beauties in all their glory. Ideal for a Sunday dinner side dish.

Vegan Eton mess

The perfect summer dessert you can whip up in a flash. Who’d have thought aquafaba could make such glossy, chewy meringue? Pair it with coconut yogurt and lots of berries for a great vegan mess.

Vegan blueberry meringue pie

Try this plant-based twist on the classic lemon meringue pie, which still delivers a zesty punch, balanced with flaky, buttery pastry, and a smooth, creamy aquafaba meringue topping. This showstopping dessert is ideal for entertaining.