Looking to use up that jam jar lurking in the cupboard? Take your pick from our selection of recipes which just happen to include jam, then check out our recipe for homemade marmalade and our best chutney recipes. For more quick baking ideas, take a look at our fun baking recipes, from Jammie Dodger blondies to Wagon Wheel brownies and Oreo cake.


Make your own jam

Try a new project this weekend by making your own jam. Our super-simple strawberry jam is a brilliant introduction for jam novices as it requires only three ingredients. If you're more into tart flavours, turn your hand to making our damson jam, it's perfect for spreading over toasted sourdough. If spring is around the corner, give rhubarb preserve an aromatic lift with the addition of fiery ginger and punchy chilli. Enjoy the finished product spread over toast, in a bake or give a jar as a gift – the choice is yours!

How to use up jam

Nearing the end of your jam jar? Use up your leftover jam by turning it into a quick sweet treat – it's a cheap, fuss-free way to use up storecupboard ingredients while treating others to a slice of sweet, fruity bliss. For a British classic, you can't go wrong with baking a Victoria sponge, and the good news is you can swap in whichever jam suits your taste preference. Or bake a batch of meringue-frosted cupcakes, where raspberry jam is used to liven up a delicate sponge.

But it doesn't stop at Jammie Dodgers and bakewell tarts – transform your leftover jam into a sweet glaze for sticky-sweet chicken wings, or even as an accompaniment for salmon filo parcels. Try one of our savoury jam recipes below for something a little off the beaten track.

Sweet jam recipes

Jammy simnel flapjacks with scorched marzipan

Make these gooey flapjacks topped with marzipan and filled with cherry jam. This Easter baking recipe is great for using up a jar of jam and are easy to make.

Gooey Flapjack Recipe with Marzipan

Jam tarts

These jam tarts are a brilliant after-school treat – you could even rope in the children to help you dollop the jam into the pastry cases. You can use multi-coloured jams to add a pinch of fun to the delicate pastry cases. They’re sticky-finger-lickin’ good!

Mini jam tarts on a serving plate, with multicoloured jam fillings

Meringue frosted cupcakes

There’s nothing quite like raspberry jam to liven up a delicate sponge. Add some meringue, dessicated coconut and a touch of individuality, et voila! You get these little jam-based beauties. This recipe makes approximately 12 cakes but taste demands another batch...

Meringue Frosted Cupcakes Recipe

Victoria sponge cake

This very British classic cake is easy to master and brings back so many childhood party memories. It’s light and buttery in texture – sure to melt in your mouth. You can experiment with different jam flavours to suit your taste preference. With those fluffy clouds of cream resting on a bed of sweet strawberry jam, your family will find another slice hard to resist…

A simple victoria sponge on a white plate against a blue background

Valentine's Day strawberries and cream cake

Treat that special someone to fruity, creamy bliss with this cake. They’ll love the luscious cream, jam and fresh strawberries sandwiched between layers of rich buttery sponge. For that extra loving touch, decorate the top with a pink sugar message or a big heart. What could spell love better?

More like this
Valentine's Day cake

Thumbprint cookies

Do you love the sweet 'n’ savoury combination of peanut butter and jam? Then this recipe is definitely for you. These small individual treats are moist and delicious mouthfuls that you’re bound to love. Just remember that they’re best eaten on the day they’re made.

Mini bakewell tarts

This recipe has the signature almond, jam and vanilla ingredients and will look really pretty on your dining table. When the cakes are ready you can put your feet up and make that all-important decision: custard or cream?

Upside down cherry torte

This dessert recipe definitely has the ‘wow factor’. It looks so rich and beautiful on your dining table with its deep purple and maroon hues. With juicy cherries and smooth raspberry and apricot jams it definitely tastes as good as it looks.

When the aroma of warm, ripe cherries fills the air, you won’t need to describe to your guests the type of dessert you’re serving – it’ll speak for itself! Enjoy your serving with dollops of Greek yogurt if you fancy.

Posh Jammie Dodgers

These posh Jammie Dodgers are ideal with that well earned cuppa. Plus children will love them. Always a favourite in the biscuit tin, they’re fun and easy to make. They’re oozing with strawberry jam between thick, crumbly vanilla flavoured biscuit so your next challenge will be keeping your hands off!

PB and J french toast with peanut brittle

This American recipe is pure breakfast indulgence or an anytime treat. Made with brioche, roasted peanut brittle and raspberry jam, it’s a real mix of flavours and textures and will be a sure winner to wake up to. It takes a little effort to put together but the end result is definitely worth it.

Warm chocolate and orange tart

This warm chocolate and orange tart is a simply delicious favourite at dinner parties. With ready-made shortcrust pastry, it’s easy to make and will be a favourite with chocolate lovers. The pastry is filled with a layer of orange jam and topped with chocolate. Add a dollop of cream mixed with zest and a splash of orange juice, dust with cocoa powder and you’re good to go.

Chocolate gâteau with raspberry, rose and vanilla cream

This gateau recipe is a real showstopper that will make your guest do a double take. It looks really stunning on your dining table and with raspberry jam, rose and vanilla flavours it delivers the taste to match. It's surprisingly easy to make and with both dark and milk chocolate combined, you’ll be in chocolate heaven…

Chocolate Rose Cake Recipe with Raspberries

Peach and raspberry trifle

Trifles are always a dessert favourite and this one has an added twist of lemon curd and rum in it. It only takes 30 minutes to prepare and is a fruity little treat with peaches, raspberries and jam. Add cream, mascarpone and Madeira sponge and you’ve got an individual treat your grown-ups will love.

Peach and raspberry trifle in individual pots

Raspberry and coconut macaroon tarts

For a really pretty dessert that will decorate your table as well as impress your guests, try these little stunners. They take a bit of effort to make but it definitely pays off. With desiccated coconut, vanilla and raspberry jam, it’s a taste sensation you’re sure to try all over again.

Savoury jam recipes

Sticky raspberry-glazed chicken wings

Check out our sticky-sweet chicken wings with raspberry jam glaze and a dash of spicy Tabasco. Cook these wings for an easy snack to feed a crowd.

Sticky Chicken Wings with Raspberry Sauce

Bacon jam

This bacon jam is a really delicious alternative to your usual toast mate. It has some unusual ingredients in it such as espresso coffee, cider vinegar and black treacle. Don’t let that deter you though! The result is a savoury accompaniment to toast or roast meats. Plus, the added bonus of having tried something a little off the beaten track.

Bacon Jam Recipe

Salmon filo parcels with tomato ginger jam

Did you know that you can have savoury jams as well as sweet ones? This tomato ginger jam is the perfect way to discover such an option. The filo is shop-bought and offers a lighter pastry choice. The salmon fillet melts in the mouth and the ginger and tomato jam complements it well. It won’t take long before your guest polishes off the lot…

Salmon Filo Parcels Recipe with Tomato and Ginger Jam

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