Looking for whisky glasses to buy? Want to find the best double-walled glasses to sip your scotch from? Here are six of the best drinking glasses to buy, whether you want Darington Crystal or Norlan glass.


We've also rounded up our favourite English whiskies to fill your glass with, so click here for the best English whiskies to buy today. Looking for an affordable and eco-friendly way to keep your drinks cool? Check out the best reusable ice cubes and cocktail ice cubes. For cocktail tips, check out these expert bartender tips for mastering cocktails at home.

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Richard Brendon crystal rocks glass, £55/set of 2, Selfridges

If you’re going to make just one purchase let it be this. These sleek crystal glasses are big enough for mixing up and muddling ingredients – perfect for stirred, short cocktails.

A single Richard Brendon crystal rocks glass

Dartington the whisky tasting experience glass, £10, Harts of Stur

One for whisky nerds, this tasting glass is shaped to channel the aromas of the whisky up as you sip.

A single Dartington whisky tasting glass filled with whisky

Anyday Paloma crystal tumblers, £12/set of 2, John Lewis

Classic in design and great-value, use for sipping neat whisky on the rocks.

A pair of John Lewis whisky tumblers

Riedel Vinum Single Malt Whisky Glass, £48.91, amazon.co.uk

A classic tasting glass designed for sampling single malt whisky, that would also work for sipping digestifs.

Riedel Vinum Single Malt Whisky Glass

Norlan Whisky Glass, £48/set of 2, uk.norlanglass.com

The double-walled design of this glass offers aesthetic appeal while capturing the flavours and aromas of the spirit. One for the whisky nerds.

Norlan Whisky Glass

Dartington Crystal Limelight Mitre Tumbler, £46/set of 2, dartington.co.uk

Every whisky drinker needs a classy, reassuringly weighty glass to cradle in their hands (preferably by a roaring fire).

Dartington Crystal Limelight Mitre Tumbler

Nude Chill Marble and Whisky Tumbler Glass, £75, Fenwick

This tumbler comes with a marble base that can be chilled in the fridge or freezer – so you can keep whisky cold without having to dilute with ice.

Nude Chill Marble and Whisky Tumbler Glass

Normann Copenhagen Whisky Glasses, £36/set of 2, amara.com

Add a dash of sleek Nordic minimalism to your whisky drinking with these stylish pieces.

Normann Copenhagen Whisky Glasses

Denver & Liely Whisky Glass, £34.95, Master of Malt

A sleek hand-blown glass designed as a cross between a classic snifter and a tumbler, this is a great option for both drams and longer drinks.

Denver & Liely Whisky Glass


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