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Glass decanters

Best decanters to buy

Published: February 17, 2021 at 10:00 am

Looking for a glass or crystal decanter? See the best wine and whisky decanters to buy and learn about the benefits of decanting your drinks

What is a decanter?

Before glass bottles were mass produced, in the 19th century, wine would always be served from decanters, having been bought directly from the barrel in take-home containers. These days they’ve rather fallen out of fashion but, as well as being attractive centrepieces to a table, wine decanters serve two practical but different purposes.


Firstly, to separate wine from any sediments that may have formed in the bottle - this is common in older wines, particularly robust reds and vintage ports, and while the sediments are harmless, their bitterness and gritty texture can spoil the pleasure if they reach the glass.

Stand the bottle upright and leave it undisturbed for at least 24 hours. Pour the wine slowly and continuously into the decanter, using a funnel if your hand is not steady, with a light source behind it so you can see when the sediment appears at the neck of the bottle, at which point you stop pouring. You can use a candle or a lamp for this, or the torch on your phone. Slender decanters are best for these wines as they can spoil if exposed to too much air.

On the other hand, younger wines, especially full-bodied reds that are high in tannins, often benefit from decanting to aerate the wine and allow it to soften. Natural wines that smell a bit funky are also improved with decanting; the exposure to oxygen gets rid of the stink and lets the wine properly open up. Any container would do - I often just use a water jug and pour the wine in from a height to maximise aeration - but a wide-based decanter is a more aesthetically pleasing choice. Pour the wine into the decanter, then swirl it around for a few seconds to maximise contact with the air.

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Whisky, brandy and other spirits can be kept in decanters almost indefinitely, because they’re totally stable when they’re bottled so won’t spoil with exposure to air. Stoppers prevent evaporation, and keep dust and flying insects out of the liquid. Vintage ports should be drunk within a week of decanting because they oxidise quite quickly, but tawny ports and madeiras, while they don’t need decanting because they don’t have sediment, look so attractive in a nice decanter and will keep for months after opening.

How to clean a decanter

Keep your decanters clean by rinsing them out thoroughly with warm water after use, using a bottle brush if you have one, then polish the outside with a soft cloth. Red wine and port can stain decanters after a while, so invest in cleaning balls (see below) to keep them at their sparkling best.

Best wine and whisky decanters

Crystal ‘mamba’ decanter, Riedel, £495

Riedel is one of the world’s finest glass producers, famous for the quality of its products. This extraordinary, blow-the-budget decanter is mouth-blown in Austria by master craftsmen; its spectacular snake-like contours make the very best of a spectacular bottle of wine.

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Riedel Mamba decanter

Cut crystal glass wine decanter, John Lewis, £65

Lead-free crystal glass hand cut in Italy, this stylish decanter is great for wine but comes with a solid glass stopper, so could be used for spirits or port as well.

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John Lewis Grosseto Cut Crystal Glass Wine Decanter

Whisky decanter, Whisky Exchange, £14.25

A modern twist on a classic cut-glass decanter at a very affordable price, its dimpled texture refracts light very beautifully through whisky or any other spirit.

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Whisky decanter

Dartington decanter, Laithwaite's, £40

An elegant choice for mature wines decanted to get rid of sediment rather than to aerate. Its wide mouth makes it easy to fill, and a doddle to clean with a bottle brush.

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Laithwaites decanter

Waterfall carafe, Anthropologie, £58

Prettily tinged with pink at its base and with a 24-carat gold trim at its mouth, the rippled texture on this versatile decanter looks really beautiful in candlelight.

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Anthropologie Waterfall Carafe

Triple tantalus decanter set, Silver Groves, £1746.95

Traditional spirits decanters in a lockable case, so called because they tantalise those without the key. The best ones don’t come cheap, so look out for second-hand and antique examples from sites such as Etsy and Trouva.

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Silvergrove Tantalus

Fluted cut-glass crystal decanter, Richard Brendon, £295

A drop-dead gorgeous spirits decanter that calls to mind the decadent days of the Jazz Age. Mouth-blown and hand-cut in Slovenia, the quality of the craftsmanship really shines through.

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Richard Brendon Decanter

Hoggit port decanter, Dartington, £135

A hoggit is a round-bottomed decanter for port that traditionally was passed from diner to diner at the end of a meal until it returned to its wooden stand at the head of the table, preventing it being hogged by greedy guests. This stylish example can be engraved to order, so would make a fine personalised gift for a special occasion.

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Hoggit decanter

LSA Carafe, LSA International, £42

The stopper on this carafe makes it a great contemporary decanter for spirits, or for when you have some wine left over you want to keep. If so, store it in the fridge overnight to maintain its freshness; if it’s red, bring it out a couple of hours before you’re ready to drink to bring it to room temperature.

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Cork Stopper Clear Glass LSA International

Magic Balls, Lakeland, £6.99

These really work to remove stains from decanters and other glass vessels, and can be reused again and again.


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Lakeland magic balls

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