Check out our guide to truffle, including where to buy it and plenty of recipe inspiration, then read about haggis, black pudding and caviar.

What is truffle?

A truffle is the fruiting body (the sporocarp) of a subterranean fungus found nestled in the roots of trees. There are various species of truffle, the most sought-after being the black Périgord truffle, named after the French Périgord region. Edible truffles are highly prized for their culinary value, due to their strong, earthy aroma and taste. Truffles are usually served raw, shaved over foods such as pasta. Truffle oil can be used as a cheaper and more convenient alternative, although most oil is artificially flavoured using a synthetic agent.

Where to buy truffle

Italian black summer fresh truffle, £40/50g, olive shop

Waitrose Cook's Ingredients truffle oil, £3.25/125ml, Waitrose

Truffle Guy black truffle slices, £14.50/40g, Amazon

Best truffle recipes

Truffled spinach and ricotta ravioli

Ever deep-fried ravioli? A few cheat's ingredients mean these impressive canapés are quick and easy to make.

Truffled Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli Recipe

Truffled mushroom burgers

We like to call these impressive veggie burgers 'MLT': M is for mushroom, L is for lettuce and T is for truffle oil.

Veggie Burger Recipe For Truffled Mushroom Burgers

Truffled porcini arancini

Need an impressive canapé? Try our crunchy arancini with truffled porcini mushrooms. These moreish, crispy, golden bundles are super-creamy and easy to make.

Truffled Porcini Arancini Recipe

Wild mushrooms, fried duck egg, brussels sprouts, walnut and truffle

To impress at a dinner party, make this wild mushroom starter – complete with a fried duck egg and truffle shavings, it's sure to kick things off right.

Wild mushrooms, fried duck egg, brussels sprouts, walnut & truffle

Truffle mushroom toast

In this elegant brunch dish, mushrooms are fried in butter until golden, then laced with a whisper of truffle oil and topped with an oozing poached egg.

A white plate topped with a thick slice of toast and truffle mushrooms

Truffle pasta mafalde

Showstopping pasta, such as wide-ribboned mafalde, plus colourful radicchio and quality pesto make this dish much more than the sum of its parts.

A black bowl filled with frilly strands of pasta, purple radicchio leaves and shavings of parmesan cheese

Burrata al tartufo

This impressive dinner party starter of oozing, milky burrata with mushroom and truffles takes just 15 minutes to prepare. We have Covent Garden’s Ave Mario to thank for the recipe.

a silver plate of burrata covered in shavings of truffle

Vegan mushroom risotto

Typically laden with butter and cheese, risotto is well known for its comforting and indulgent qualities. Here, we've invented a much lighter (and totally vegan) option.

Vegan mushroom risotto

Beef wellington

This is a classic beef wellington recipe. Use Aberdeen Angus beef if you can, as it has a lovely, buttery texture. The addition of truffle oil gives this dish a decadent twist.

Beef Wellington Recipe with Mushroom Duxelles

DIY sea bass with broad bean mash and truffle oil

Head chef Matthew Harris’s fillet of sea bass with broad beans, truffle and linguine is a taste of summer during the warmer months.

Sea Bass Recipe with Broad Bean Mash