Check out our guide to rice wine vinegar, including where to buy it and plenty of recipe inspiration, then read about wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar and malt vinegar.

What is rice wine vinegar?

Rice wine vinegar is most commonly found and used in Japanese and Chinese cuisines and is made from fermented rice wine or spirit. Japanese rice vinegar is mellow and very pale yellow, whereas Chinese rice wine vinegar is slightly stronger and comes in white, red and black varieties. The Japanese version is the base for sushi rice seasoning and Chinese is used in a lot of classic Szechuan cooking such as smacked cucumbers.

Where to buy rice wine vinegar

Waitrose Cooks' Ingredients Chinese rice vinegar, £2.50/150ml, Waitrose

Amoy white rice vinegar, £6.49/500ml, Amazon

Yutaka Japanese rice vinegar, £2.10/150ml, Sainsbury's

Rice wine vinegar recipes

Crispy Chinese chicken

Check out this crispy Chinese chicken recipe with crunchy greens. This super easy meal for three is packed with punchy flavour and comes in at just over 400 calories.

Crispy Chinese Chicken Recipe

Chirashi sushi

Learn how to make chirashi at home. This traditional Japanese dish features an assortment of fresh seafood, vegetables and other toppings on sushi rice.

Chirashi sushi bowl with raw tuna, prawns, eggs and vegetables atop a bed of sushi rice

Healthy one-pan chicken and rice

Chicken is marinated in soy, hoisin, honey and garlic then cooked with brown rice. It's a simple midweek dinner that's packed with Chinese-inspired flavours.

A Large Pan of Brown Rice Topped with Chicken Breasts and Spring Onions

Vegan sushi bowls

This is comforting bowl food with an edge – the fresh, zingy flavours of pickled ginger, nori, edamame and sriracha make it an ideal lunch or light dinner.

Vegan sushi bowls on a white tablecloth with chopsticks

Healthy one-pot chicken

A twist on a classic pot roast, this healthy chicken dish is infused with aromatic flavours, from the umami of miso to the grassy freshness of pak choi. Serve it up on Sunday for an alternative roast to feed the family.

A white casserole dish filled with crispy chicken thighs and green pak choi

Healthy fish cakes

These low-calorie, high-protein spiced salmon fish cakes are flavoured with red chilli, lime and ginger. Serve with carrot and cucumber ribbons for a vibrant, healthy dinner.

Fish cakes with carrot ribbons and lime wedges

Roast radish and peanut salad

A vibrant combination of radishes and cucumber is tossed in a soy, peanut and honey glaze to create this refreshing seasonal salad.

Large plate of radishes, peanuts, cucumber, tomato and spring onions

Ahi tuna poké

Try our refreshing ahi poke bowl, a Hawaiian healthy trend made using fresh tuna and served with rice and chopped avocado.

Ahi Poke Recipe For Tuna Poke

Lardo onion rice

Try our quick rice with lardo and super crispy onions. This easy dish makes for an ideal side rice recipe with a twist and comes from the Taiwanese restaurant XU, which was based in London's Chinatown.

Lardo onion rice, Xu restaurant