Check out our guide to malt vinegar, including where to buy it and plenty of recipe inspiration, then read about rice wine vinegar, wine vinegar and balsamic vinegar.

What is malt vinegar?

This vinegar is made from ale (the malt reference is the malted barley used in the creation of the ale). It is quite a strong vinegar so save it for sprinkling over classic fish and chips, or use to make strong pickled onions.

Where to buy malt vinegar

Sarson's Original malt vinegar, £1.65/400ml, Ocado

Waitrose Essential malt vinegar, 80p/500ml, Waitrose

Malt vinegar recipes

Crispy lamb breast with malt vinegar sauce

This malt vinegar sauce is a British riff on a Carolina-style barbecue sauce and makes a great acidic partner for the rich lamb.

A wooden surface topped with slices of crispy lamb breast with malt vinegar sauce on the side

Deep-fried cockles with chilli-salt and vinegar

Check out these crunchy deep-fried cockles with a quick and punchy chilli-salt. These crispy cockles are ready in just 30 minutes, perfect for an afternoon snack.

Deep Fried Cockles Recipe with Chilli-Salt and vinegar served on a round blue plate with wooden forks

Spiced pickled shallots

Make our spiced pickled shallots for an easy snack, or put in a pretty jar for a thoughtful homemade gift.

Spiced Pickled Onions Recipe

Fish and chips

Cooking soft, seasonal cod in lager creates a super crisp, light batter with a deep flavour. Serve our beer-battered cod with chips and peas.

Beer battered cod, chips and peas on a plate dinner plate

Deep-fried dill pickles

Deep-fried dill pickles are the perfect snack to serve alongside a beer with a ranch dip, or a burger. They're a little effort but so worth it.

Deep-fried dill pickles

Tom Kerridge's herb-crusted lamb with lentils

This recipe for herb-crusted lamb with lentils from Tom Kerridge is full of flavour and perfect for a colder spring day. The cannon is the eye meat from a lamb loin. It’s a more expensive cut but very simple to cook and gives beautifully pink, tender lamb.

herb-crusted lamb with lentils

Sri Lankan mutton rolls

This Sri Lankan-style mutton roll recipe from chef Peter Kuruvita wraps potatoes, lamb mince, mint leaves and green chillies in a breadcrumb coating.

Mutton rolls on a plate

Irish stew

Try this classic Irish stew. A warming winter one-pot of lamb shoulder slow cooked in stout with swede and potatoes for a wholesome family meal.

Irish stew in a thick cooking pot

Glazed ham and rhubarb relish

Check out this gluten-free glazed ham and super easy rhubarb relish recipe from Terry Blake's diverse menu at his first restaurant, Sparrow in south London.

Glazed ham recipe and rhubarb relish

Haggis with swede

Luckily, you can buy haggis ready-made but do try and make the traditional accompaniment, mashed swede or neeps. Serve with a shot of whisky.

Two plates of haggis with mashed potato and swede on crinkled linen fabric