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What is gelatine and where can you buy it?

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Discover what gelatine is, where to shop for it, and how to use it in our ingredient glossary

What is gelatine?

Gelatine is a clear, tasteless protein that thickens and solidifies when dissolved in liquids and kept below a certain temperature. It is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans as the protein is sourced from the collagen in animal bones. Gelatine can be bought in two forms – leaf and powdered – and is commonly used to make jelly, panna cotta and marshmallow.


Where to buy gelatine

Costa Fine-Leaf Quick Dissolving Gelatine, £4.89/25g x 2, Amazon

Gelatine recipes

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Coconut panna cotta with mango salsa

This classic Italian dessert of cream gently set with gelatine is given a tropical twist by infusing the cream with coconut and topping with a zingy mango and passionfruit salsa.

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