Tomatini Cocktail Recipe


  • serves 1
  • Easy

Yes, this is a vodka and tomato cocktail but not as you know it. Far from the sometimes-soupy bloody mary, the tomatini is a fresh, zingy pick-me-up with a delicious savoury note that’s perfect for sunshine sipping any time of the day. Ketel One is a Dutch vodka crafted in Schiedam by the Nolet family who have over 300 years of distilling expertise. It gets its name from the coal-fired pot still number one (distilleerketel #1), which is still in use today, and is a beautifully smooth, full vodka with fresh notes of citrus and black pepper


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  • tomato 1 large, ripe
  • Ketel One vodka 50ml 
  • white balsamic vinegar 15ml 
  • lemon juice 15ml 
  • sugar syrup 10ml 


  • Step 1

    Muddle the tomato, then shake all the ingredients together. Fine strain into a chilled coupe glass and garnish with cracked black pepper and a cherry tomato.