• lots of useful attachments, timer and guides included, two bowls, useful lights


  • neck of attachments is very short

Sage the Bakery Boss summary

Sage is well-known for its sleek, impressive appliances, and the Bakery Boss is no exception. It comes equipped with two bowls – one glass (4.7-litre) and one stainless steel (3.8-litre) – as well as a scraper beater, flat beater, dough hook and wire whisk. To keep work surfaces clean, a splash guard is provided. For refrigerating or proving doughs, there’s also a lid for the bowls.


This model is full of useful features, including an overhead light that illuminates the bowl, a handy timer and speed guide so you can determine the best speed for a variety of different tasks.

How easy is the Sage the Bakery Boss to use?

Guidance text is printed all over the machine, from the release button on the top of the tilt head to the speed guide at the side, but thankfully this is subtle and in keeping with Sage’s aesthetic.

Fitting each of the attachments is easy to do: simply insert and twist to lock into place. The necks of the attachments are very short, which means that when removing them after use, your hands do get covered in cake batter or whatever you're mixing.

Fitting the two bowls is easy. The glass bowl is heavy, so take care when moving it around. The smaller stainless steel bowl comes with two handles, one on either side.

There are 12 speeds to choose from and the speed guide details which is appropriate for a range of tasks, from folding to aerating. There's no aggressive jolting when increasing or decreasing speeds – it gradually and smoothly speeds up. That being said, the splash guard is important when making our chocolate fudge cake, as even the slowest speed sends flour and cocoa powder flying.

If you’re into high-tech pieces of kit, this model comes with a few good features, but also remains modest. Nestled on the underside of the tilt head is a light that illuminates the bowl when the motor is running. At the bottom sits an LCD timer that either counts up when mixing, or can be used as a countdown timer.


The meringue is well-whipped and fluffy, but you will need to scrape down the sides a few times to ensure the ingredients are fully incorporated. When mixing the cardamom bun dough, the dough does become knotted around the hook and spins around, rather than kneading – we had to interfere a few times to ensure the dough was properly worked.

The Bakery Boss excels in cake making, though. The scraper beater hugs the side of the bowl, scraping it clean as it spins. The glossy batter makes for a nicely risen and moist cake once baked.

olive’s take: should you buy the Sage the Bakery Boss?

Attractive and understated, the Sage the Bakery Boss is a modest stand mixer that packs a punch, performance-wise. When it comes to the meringue and cake-making tests, we couldn’t fault the results. Though, we did find the short necks of the attachments make things messy.

When it comes to bread kneading, you’ll need to stay close to ensure dough doesn’t wrap itself around the hook.

Sage the Bakery Boss specifications

Wattage: 1200w
Product weight: 11kg
Size (cm): H 38.1 x W 38.1 x D 27.9cm
Speed settings: 12
Capacity of bowl(s): 4.7 litres, 3.8 litres
Attachments included: scraper beater, standard flat beater, dough hook, wire whisk

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