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Riverford organic box laid out on table

Riverford recipe box review

Published: April 19, 2021 at 2:20 pm

Try out a recipe delivery service to make cooking organic produce easy with a Riverford organic recipe box subscription

From well known names such as HelloFresh to healthy, plant-based or chef-led options, we've tested out the best recipe box delivery services so you can find the perfect option for you. Read on for our full review of the Riverford organic recipe box subscription.


Guy Singh-Watson’s organic Riverford farm in Devon has long been supplying fresh fruit and veg boxes direct from the farm to your doorstep. Recently, the business has gone one step further and now offers seasonal recipe boxes for a true farm-to-plate experience.

Choice: The website is easy to navigate, with vibrant images to showcase how the finished dishes should look. Though there aren’t many recipes to choose from, the dishes are diverse enough to suit a variety of households. There are three vegan and three vegetarian options (with a light, simple and ‘foodie’ dish for each category), plus two meat, one prime-cut meat and two family meal choices (the latter serves four, whereas all others serve two). You can select if you want a one-off delivery or opt in for every week, fortnight or month.

Occasion: Riverford’s boxes are ideal for two people or families who want to eat seasonally, while being adventurous and healthy. You can choose how many recipes to include in each delivery, so you can build a meat-free, plant-based or flexitarian menu to cover meal occasions throughout the week, with more adventurous options for the weekend.

Quality: The box comes neatly packaged with every ingredient needed for the recipe. Portioned out pieces of meat and high-quality organic veg are kept cool until arrival, nestled beside bespoke Riverford pots of the exact amount required of oils, seeds, pulses and other dried goods. The cooking instructions, complete with clear images, are clear to follow and portion sizes are very generous.

Packaging and delivery: Due to environmental commitments, the boxes are delivered on specific days depending on your postcode. There is minimal packaging, and, as with its veg boxes, Riverford collects the boxes the following week when in the area to recycle and reuse.

Value for money: Boxes start from approximately £12.45 for two. Though at the slightly more expensive end of the scale compared to other recipe boxes, the portion sizes are generous and the quality of produce is very high, making this a great-value recipe box.


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