We tested the best gin subscription services to get gin delivered direct to your door. Read on for our full review of the Lucky White Heather Gin Club.

Lucky White Heather Gin Club is dedicated to helping people discover Scottish craft gins, organising monthly live tastings with its gin subscription service. Boxes are also available to buy as one-off gifts, plus Lucky White Heather also run gin events and tastings across Scotland.

We tested their premium package which comes with 4 x 50ml sample sizes of different Scottish craft gins, plus garnishes and 4 mixers specifically paired with each gin, including 2 bespoke 100ml ‘cocktails’. Our box included a ‘forced rhubarb, apple and celery bitters’ cocktail alongside classic tonic and a ginger ale. Everything comes securely packaged in a simple cardboard box, with the gins and cocktails in small glass bottles. Garnishes of fresh fruit and mint came in a small plastic bag – the freshness was slightly unexpected compared to dehydrated offerings in other services.

The box arrives by the last Saturday of each month when subscribers can attend a monthly live YouTube event (also available to watch at a later date) run by gin experts for a live tasting and walkthrough the box contents. During the event, you are guided through trying each gin neat, discussing the background behind the distilleries as well as the notes and aromatics in the gin, before each one is paired with the mixer. Whilst pairings are carefully chosen and planned, experimentation is also encouraged to find the perfect mix for you. Everything was a surprise until a couple of days before arrival, whilst the highly informative and light-hearted hour-long YouTube event adds to the experience and encourages the ‘club’ feel of the subscription.

The ordering process is extremely easy, with the option to cancel at any time. The premium package with 4 gins, mixers and garnishes is £35 a month, but there are varying packages, with the cheapest option to just get 2 gins for £13 a month.

This would make a great gift for true gin enthusiasts looking to discover more small brands, focusing on high-quality gin instead of novelty flavours, with the added experience of bespoke cocktails to take a classic G&T up a notch. The expert curation of products, opportunity to try up to 4 new gins at once and the live event provide plenty of added value for money over just buying a bottle of gin.

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Lucy RoxburghEcommerce and Reviews Editor