• 2 x bowls included, built-in scales, lots of attachments included, easy lift head, powerful 1400W motor


  • large footprint

Kenwood Titanium Chef Baker XL summary

Kenwood offers a number of models in its Chef range but as we move to the XL models, we also head towards some serious pieces of kit. This is the big brother of the previously tested Kenwood Titanium Chef Baker, the differences being the longer body and the addition of the large 7-litre mixing bowl.


As standard, the Chef Baker XL includes Kenwood’s high-quality attachments (K-beater, balloon whisk and dough hook) as well as a 5-litre bowl. It’s powered by a 1200 watt motor and is customisable owing to the interchangeable PopTop covers.

How easy is the Kenwood Titanium Chef Baker XL to use?

There’s no two ways about it: this is a hefty machine. It’s tall and relatively slim but we’d recommend checking the dimensions (40cm x 22.5cm x 37cm) to ensure that it’ll fit under the kitchen cupboards. And don’t forget the fully extended tilt head will add extra height to the stand mixer, too.

It’s not overly heavy (11.5kg) but frequent bakers won’t want to be transporting this model to and from the kitchen for use, so we believe the Chef Baker XL deserves a spot on the counter.

A quick scan of the instruction manual is all that’s needed to get started. This is a pretty intuitive piece of kit, from using the tilt head, fitting the attachments and bowls to using the speed dial, operating this machine is done with absolute ease.

A nifty addition comes in the form of the in-built scales. They’re accurate and responsive, and weigh ingredients in both pounds and grams. Plus, they save on the washing up.

There are no pre-set speeds on the dial, rather the robust dial just needs to be rotated until you reach the optimum speed for the ingredients being worked with. The slowest speed is ideal for starting mixes and gently folding ingredients together, while the fastest speed packs a punch.


To put the Chef Baker XL to the test we made recipes that required each of the attachments. The K-beater brought the chocolate fudge cake together well. We only had to scrape down the sides of the bowl once and all the ingredients were fully incorporated. After baking, we enjoyed a fudgy, well-risen cake.

The enriched dough for cardamom buns kneaded away for around 10 minutes. No dough got tangled around the dough hook and was gently worked until it became soft and smooth. The buns were light and airy in texture.

Kenwood provides the largest balloon whisk of all the models we’ve tested. The size, coupled with the impressive 1400 watt motor, meant that egg whites took only a matter of moments to turn into glossy, firm meringue.

olive’s take: should you buy the Kenwood Titanium Chef Baker XL?

This is a powerful machine. True to form with Kenwood, we really can’t fault the construction or performance – everything is well considered and puts the user first. Compatible with Kenwood’s many other attachments, this is a truly versatile piece of kit. But we believe it’s strictly reserved for those who are looking to bake regularly, have a large family, or bake in big batches. If you’re looking for something smaller but which still packs a punch, the Kenwood Titanium Chef Baker still hits the brief.

Kenwood Titanium Chef Baker XL specifications

Wattage: 1400W
Product weight: 11.5kg
Size (cm): H 40 X W 37 X D 22.5
Speed settings: continuous
Capacity of bowl(s): 7L, 5L
Attachments included: K-Beater, dough hook, balloon whisk, creaming beater

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