• excelled on cake making test, in-built scales, timer automatically runs


  • quite loud, wobbly

Kenwood Titanium Chef Baker summary

Kenwood is one of the leading brands in the world of stand mixers, and the Chef range is considered one of the most impressive. At £350, the Baker is the cheapest model in this range, making it an enticing entry-level option compared to some of the more expensive ones in the collection.


Despite being the cheaper option, Kenwood haven’t skimped on the design. The Chef Baker comes with some useful design elements, like the in-built scales and gentle speed control dial. It’s compact, meaning it takes up very little space on the kitchen counter. It comes in a range of muted tones, but pops of colour can be added by changing the PopTop panel on the top of the machine.

How easy is the Kenwood Titanium Chef Baker to use?

Assembling this stand mixer is relatively intuitive. Like many other machines, the bowl needs to be twisted to secure it to the base, and it's clear how the attachments lock into place on the underside of the tilt head.

If you’ve never used a Kenwood mixer before, you’ll find the tilt head release button at the back of the machine. Once pressed, the head will lift slightly. The Chef Baker is equipped with Kenwood’s LightLift head, which means only the lightest touch is required to fully engage the head. This model is compatible with Kenwood’s large range of 25 different attachments.

The speed dial is large, and it's gentle when increasing and decreasing the speed. The addition of the highly responsive in-built scales are a welcome one. They weigh in either pounds and ounces or grams and kilograms, so there’s no need to worry about converting your favourite recipes.


Equipped with a 1200 watt motor, the Chef Baker powered through our meringue test, quickly whipping egg whites into stiff peaks. The bowl allowed us enough space to tip spoonfuls of sugar into the mix without sending sugar flying.

The motor had no problem working through the enriched dough for cardamom buns, though we did notice the tilt head jolting a little when dough began to stiffen up. This had no bearing on the final bake, which was soft and spongy.

The Chef Baker shone when making chocolate fudge cake. All the ingredients came together with ease, resulting in a soft and indulgent chocolate cake. We didn’t have to scrape down the sides or interfere with any of the ingredients when testing this model.

olive’s take: should you buy the Kenwood Titanium Chef Baker?

There’s a lot about Kenwood’s Titanium Chef Baker stand mixer that we love. It’s attractive, efficient and powered through all of our tests with absolute ease. Subtle high-tech touches make using this model a delight. It’s not the quietest when running at high speed, but because it’s so powerful, you won't endure the sound for long.

If you’ve been admiring Kenwood’s Chef stand mixers for a while now, this is a brilliant entry-level option.

Kenwood Titanium Chef Baker specifications

Wattage: 1200W
Product weight: 9.5kg
Size (cm): H36 x W27 x D40
Speed settings: Continuous
Capacity of bowl(s): 5 litre
Attachments included: dough roller, dough knife, dough hook, spatula, bowl cover, wire beaters, balloon whisk

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