• Has a product recognising grinder, bright and clear display, wide range of customisable features, attractive


  • Large footprint, expensive

Jura Z10 coffee machine summary

You can tell the quality of the Jura Z10 as soon as you take it out of the box. The water tank slots together cleverly using magnets while the rest of the machine feels sleek, modern and robust. With a large footprint it’ll certainly make a statement in your kitchen but it more than justifies its size with the versatility it offers.


The amount of choice the Jura Z10 offers is impressive. We tested four of the 32 drink specialities on offer, but with customisable options to select both timings and coffee strength, plus further cold-brew options, there’s a drink for every taste. The intuitive screen makes it easy to find what you’re looking for and gives the machine a modern, high-tech look. This is a truly impressive piece of kit.

How easy is the Jura Z10 coffee machine to use?

With a weightiness that you’d expect from a machine of this size and build, the Jura Z10 was still light enough for us to lift it onto the countertop with two hands. After a bit of trial and error with the on/off button, which needed a firm touch, the coffee machine felt very natural to use.

It has a touchscreen which lights up to display different drink options and a dial on the top which you can spin for different drink settings. The menu allows you to choose from selections like double espressos and cold brews.

The machine may have more options than your local coffee shop, but you don't need a barista's skillset to make the most of it. There are a number of automatic functions which make using it a breeze. The Product Recognising Grinder automatically adjusts the grind of the coffee beans depending on the type of drink you’ve selected. We really liked the automatic steam wand which, once we’d put in the milk and selected the frothing time, did all the hard work for us and produced nicely frothed milk.


Quick to heat up, the machine was ready to use in a matter of seconds. To determine the quality of the coffee we tested an espresso, double espresso, cappuccino and americano. The espresso had a nice, well-rounded flavour with a good balance of acidity and a caramel-like crema, as did the double espresso.

The americano struck a delicate balance: the coffee was piping hot without tasting burnt and had a lovely thick crema on top. The cappuccino was really easy to make using the steam wand and had a lovely creamy frothiness to it with good flavour.

olive’s take: should you buy the Jura Z10 coffee machine?

There’s no getting around it — at nearly £2,500 the Jura Z10 is pricey. But if you have the space and are looking to splash out on your at-home coffee experience, there are few other bean-to-cup machines out there that offer as many drink options.

Whether you like a classic espresso, a trendy flat white or are looking to experiment with new coffees, this machine has the versatility to suit every taste.

All costs-to-run calculations were done against the variable tariff at the time of testing (16.6p/kWh), which may have since changed – read more on the current energy price guarantee rates.

Jura Z10 coffee machine specifications

Wattage: 1450W
Weight: 12.3kg
Cord length: 1.1m
Water tank: 2.4L
Drip tray: removable
Dimensions: 45cm x 38cm x 32cm


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