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Bottle of raspberry Gin Tales gin

Gin Tales gin subscription review

Published: April 19, 2021 at 12:00 pm

If you're looking for fun flavours, try a Gin Tales gin subscription and have gin delivered to your door every month

We tested the best gin subscription services to get gin delivered direct to your door. Read on for our full review of the Gin Tales 3-month gin subscription.


London-based Gin Tales specialises in infused small-batch gins made using only fresh, natural ingredients to create fun flavours – think mulled gin at Christmas, hot cross bun gin at Easter or zesty lime and black pepper gin. You can purchase a three- or six-month subscription through Not on the High Street.

The subscription contains a full-sized bottle of gin and an accompanying tonic each month, with the gin flavour a surprise. Our securely and prettily packaged box contains two cans of Fever-Tree tonic and a 50cl bottle of raspberry and rosemary gin. The deep pink gin has a chic black label and is described as ‘wild rosemary has her wicked way with sweet raspberry’. Appealing to those with a sweet tooth, the gin is deliciously jammy and raspberry forward, with the fragrant rosemary coming through at the end.

The value for money is not as strong as some other options – a three-month subscription is £135.50, whereas a single bottle direct from Gin Tales costs just £35 and some other subscriptions around the £40 per month mark offer a lot of extras alongside the gin. This works best as a simple gift – your recipient would certainly look forward to receiving your next flavour every month, and there’s the option to return to Gin Tales to repurchase any flavours you love. The fun variety of flavours offers a talking point each month and would build an interesting collection by the end of the subscription.

Overall this is a simple and effective no-frills subscription, focusing on high-quality gin without extra paraphernalia. It would make a fun gift for someone who enjoys gin on a night out, doesn’t take it too seriously and wants to try some quirky new flavours.


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