• three-year guarantee, bowl comes with useful handle, transparent splash guard


  • struggled with firm dough, chef's whisk is not dishwasher safe, design may be too simple for some, no integrated scales

Cuisinart Precision stand mixer summary

Modest and unassuming, this Cuisinart stand mixer is available in just two colours: black or white. It’s simply designed and doesn’t come with all the high-tech features of some of its more expensive counterparts. Rather, Cuisinart have focused solely on creating a simple, accessible stand mixer that gets the basics right.


It comes with everything a home baker would need: a generously sized 5.2-litre bowl, balloon whisk, dough hook and flat paddle beater.

How easy is the Cuisinart Precision stand mixer to use?

Compared to some of the high-tech (and high priced) stand mixers we’ve tested, the Cuisinart Precision is a doddle to use.

The attachments are reassuringly weighty and require little more than a small push and twist to load them. Just like many other models, the bowl twists and locks onto the base of the unit.

There are 12 speed controls to play with, which we felt was a little excessive, but the range of speeds offers a great deal of control over the mixes - a mixer that lives up to its name.

The Precision stand mixer is not difficult to use at all, with simple but effective features making this one of the more intuitive models on the market.


It’s equipped with a relatively low-wattage motor (500W) and we found that it struggled a little when kneading large quantities for a prolonged period. But the lower speed settings were particularly useful when bringing together the dry ingredients for our cardamom bun recipe.

The highest speed settings were equally useful when whipping egg whites for meringue. The whisk had good range and picked up all the sugar from around the sides of the bowl, to produce a glossy, stiff-peaked meringue.

On the chocolate fudge cake test, the powerful beaters coupled with the impressive speed, worked through lumps of butter and sugar with absolute ease. After mixing the batter, the accompanying handle on the bowl allowed us to easily portion it up between cake tins.

olive’s take: should you buy the Cuisinart Precision stand mixer?

Pictures of this stand mixer don’t do it justice. It’s attractive, sleek and includes high-quality attachments. This Cuisinart model was not built to overcomplicate things, rather it’s designed to efficiently assist in everyday baking tasks.

Its price-point suggests that this is an entry level model, but it handles cake making, whipping, and bread kneading tasks with the proficiency of its more expensive counterparts.

Cuisinart Precision stand mixer specifications

Wattage: 500W
Product weight: 7.6kg
Size (cm): H 36 X W 37 X D 21
Speed settings: 12
Capacity of bowl(s): 5.2L
Attachments included: balloon whisk, flat beater, dough hook

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