Ask for Janice, Farringdon, London: quick restaurant review

Read our quick review of Ask for Janice, a restaurant near Smithfield Market that has its own gin menu and serves small dishes amidst relaxing surroundings

Ask for Janice, a relaxed newbie near Smithfield Market, is big on gin, giving it its own dedicated menu: have a Gin Mare with rosemary and orange or a Martin Miller’s Westbourne, with strawberries and black pepper while snacking on chicken crackling, and seasonal pickles. Share a few small dishes like black dahl, fried cauli and paneer, beef croquettes and mustards, or go large with a grilled comté, Bermondsey fryer and raclette sandwich. Vintage furniture and modern artwork add to the chilled vibe.


MUST ORDER: Half a roast chicken with fries and gravy, little doughnuts with dunks. askforjanice.co.uk