Best ever on the go breakfast recipes

An on the go breakfast has become a necessity to many of us, so try one of our on the go breakfast recipes for a quick start your day - muffins, granola bars and breads

4 quick and easy croissants recipes

Raise your breakfast game with one of our easy and inventive croissant fillings – pack your pastries with ricotta and blueberry, ham and cheese or Nutella and ice cream. These simple croissant fillings are ideal for when you need breakfast on-the-go.

Easy Croissant Recipes

Breakfast pasties

Jazz up your weekend breakfast with our epic mash-up of a classic fry-up and a traditional handheld British pie.

Breakfast Pasties Recipe

Banana breakfast loaf

This recipe is surely the best use of the overripe bananas languishing in the fruit bowl, and is perfect at breakfast time. Banana fans will also love our banana and nut muffins

Bircher muesli with chia seeds

Bircher muesli is a Swis invention from the turn of the last century. It consists of rolled oats, apple, milk and other ingredients to shake it up – we’ve used chia seeds, yogurt and some extra fruit. This is best when it’s left to soak overnight, so you’ll have a healthy, fuss-free breakfast ready to go in the morning

Blueberry breakfast muffins

Blueberry breakfast muffins might seem like an indulgence, but they don’t have to be. A few little tweaks like using flaxseed and yogurt bring these in under 200 calories. We have plenty more muffin recipes here


Start every day the right way with this easy to make granola. Serve with milk or yoghurt, and plenty of fresh fruit, for a healthy breakfast

Glazed apricot breakfast bread

Delicious fresh baked treat. Make a dough like a Danish pastry and dot with fresh apricots, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar before cooking. Best eaten warm

Energy balls

We’re seeing these little balls of energy everywhere, they are great to eat before exercise, or when you feel as if you are flagging, as the simple sugars in the fruits will give you instant energy, and the nuts, nut butters or oats will give you a slow release of energy. We’ve made three flavours but you can create your own using the same idea. Chill until needed. They will keep for 5 days

Muesli loaf

This recipe for muesli loaf makes a dense, nutty loaf a little like soda bread. Packed with oats, coconut, nuts and fruit, we think it’s great for breakfast

No bake breakfast bars

A healthy on-the-go breakfast or anytime snack, these breakfast bars use dates and nut butter to hold together and provide a real energy boost. You can add a sprinkling of chia, flax or other seeds too

No-bake breakfast bars

Overnight bircher muesli with cherries, peach and coconut

This recipe for overnight bircher muesli with cherries, peach and coconut is a great healthy, make-ahead breakfast if you’re short of time in the mornings

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