Pork Leg Roast With Apple Sauce

Roast leg of pork with perfect crackling and ambrosia

  • serves 8-10
  • Easy

Juicy roast pork makes a perfect family Sunday lunch and this one comes with the secret to perfect crackling, as well as an easy apple sauce recipe that's so good it's called ambrosia.



  • pork leg 3-4 kg piece, skin scored really well
  • white wine vinegar 200ml
  • vegetable oil
  • lemon 1, juiced
  • salt 2 tsp
  • potatoes 4 large, peeled and halved
  • plain flour
  • chicken stock or water 500ml for the gravy


  • bramley apples 4, peeled and chopped
  • butter


  • Step 1

    Start the day before. boil the kettle and put the pork in a clean sink. pour boiling water over the skin to scald it. drain and leave to dry for at least 10 minutes. Put the pork in a large dish. mix together the vinegar, 2 tbsp vegetable oil, the lemon juice and salt, pour over the pork and rub all over. put in the fridge overnight, uncovered, so the skin has a chance to dry out.

  • Step 2

    The next day, heat the oven to 150c/fan 130c/gas 2. Put the potatoes in your roasting tin (they will act as a trivet for the pork). Sit the pork on top and pour half a cup of water in the bottom of the tin. Cover the whole tin with foil and cook in the oven for 3 hours.

  • Step 3

    Remove the foil and increase the temperature to 220c/fan 200c/gas 6. Cook for a further hour, or until the skin has crackled properly.

  • Step 4

    To make the apple sauce, put the apples, a large knob of butter and 100ml water in a pan. Cover and cook on a gentle heat for 15-20 minutes until the apples have collapsed into a sauce.

  • Step 5

    Take the pork from the oven and leave to rest for 30 minutes. Take the potatoes from the pan and discard (or keep them to eat later with a fried egg and some chopped chilli).

  • Step 6

    To make the gravy, put the roasting tin over a medium heat and spoon away most of the fat. Add 1 tbsp flour and stir well taking up all the bits in the pan and the fat. Gradually add the stock or water and increase the heat to bring to a simmer, stirring all the time. simmer for 10 minutes and season if it needs it. Serve the pork with the gravy and apple sauce.

Nutritional Information

  • Kcals 763
  • Fat 41.3g
  • Saturates 15.5g
  • Carbs 25.7g
  • Fibre 2.8g
  • Protein 73.7g
  • Salt 2.06g