Confit duck

Confit duck

  • serves 4
  • A little effort

Make this classic but easy French dish. Duck legs cured in salt and rosemary, then slow cooked and served with tomato salsa. The perfect dinner-party dish.



  • duck legs 4
  • coarse sea salt 200g
  • rosemary 1 bunch
  • lemon 1, cut into wedges
  • garlic 1 bulb, cloves separated
  • duck fat (vegetable oil can be used instead)


  • tomatoes 2 ripe, seeded and diced
  • red onion ¼, finely diced
  • parsley 1 bunch, chopped
  • olive oil 2 tbsp
  • lemon ½, juiced


  • Step 1

    Clean the duck legs of any excess skin or fat, then put into a container with the salt, rosemary, lemon and garlic. Toss everything together, then cover and leave in the fridge for a minimum of 12 hours.

  • Step 2

    Wash the cure off the legs and pat dry with a clean tea towel.

  • Step 3

    Heat the oven to 140C/fan 120C/gas 1. Melt enough duck fat (or warm enough oil) to cover the legs in an ovenproof pan big enough to fit them (but small enough to fit in the oven). Put the legs in, cover with greaseproof paper and bake in the oven for 3 hours. Once cooked, remove the legs from the fat and either finish in the oven (see next step) or keep in the fridge until needed. (keep the leftover duck fat for roasting potatoes).

  • Step 4

    To finish the duck, heat the oven to 200C/fan 180C/gas 6. Put the duck legs, skin side up, on a baking tray and cook in the oven for 15-20 minutes until golden, crisp and thoroughly heated through.

  • Step 5

    Mix the salsa ingredients together. Serve the duck with some salsa spooned over.

Nutritional Information

  • Kcals 474
  • Fat 32.1g
  • Carbs 2.4g
  • Fibre 1.3g
  • Protein 43.2g
  • Salt 2.5g