Mackerel Recipe with Lemon Salsa

Mackerel with lemon salsa

  • serves 4
  • Easy

Grilled or barbecued mackerel is easy to cook, economical to buy and full of flavour. Here it is served with a punchy lemon and olive salsa. Sustainable mackerel is one of the easier fish to find – look out for MSC-certified ones from Cornwall



  • lemon 1, halved
  • olive oil
  • garlic 1 clove, crushed
  • green olives a handful, pitted and quartered
  • parsley a handful
  • mackerel 4, gutted and cleaned


  • Step 1

    Squeeze the juice from the lemon and save it. Halve the lemon again, then scrape out and discard the flesh. If there’s a thick pith on the peel, slice away half. Cut the peel into dice.

  • Step 2

    Heat the oil in a pan, add the lemon and stir until it starts to caramelise around the edges. Tip into a bowl and add the garlic and olives. Add more olive oil and a little lemon juice and season. Leave to sit for 2 hours. Then stir in the parsley.

  • Step 3

    Cut slashes in each side of the fish and grill or barbecue for about 4 minutes each side. Serve with the lemon salsa.

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Nutritional Information

  • Kcals 483
  • Fat 38.2g
  • Saturates 7.2g
  • Carbs 0.5g
  • Fibre 0.5g
  • Protein 34.2g
  • Salt 0.79g