Orecchiette Pasta Salad Recipe with Prawns

Easy orecchiette recipes

Use this quirky pasta shape, known as 'little ears', in our dishes, from a veggie one-pot to slow-cooked ragu and posh prawn pasta

Looking for orecchiette recipes? Try our ideas below and then check out more of our favourite quick pasta recipes, ready in under 30 minutes.


The name of this pasta shape translates to ‘little ears’ in Italian. Orecchiette is perfect for juicy, delicious sauces, which collect in the pasta’s concave shape.

Orecchiette recipes

One-pot orecchiette primavera

Pasta and sauce all cooked in one pot? Sounds mad but it works! After trying this orecchiette primavera recipe you’ll be totally sold on the idea. Find more one-pot ideas over here.

One-Pot Orecchiette Primavera Recipe

Prawn orecchiette with roasted-shell olive oil

Make this easy but impressive orecchiette recipe with juicy prawns and punchy chilli. It’s a flavour-packed pasta dish that’s great for when you have guests for dinner.

Orecchiette Pasta Recipe with Prawns

Shrimp and saffron butter orecchiette 

A sophisticated Italian-style dinner, this saffron-spiked pasta dish pairs orecchiette with buttery brown shrimps, red chilli and garlic.


Orecchiette with broccoli and chilli sauce

The trick here is to steam the broccoli in seasoned olive oil and pasta water until mushy. It emulsifies into a wonderful sauce that the orecchiette holds in its bowl-like shape.

Orecchiette with broccoli and chilli sauce

Orecchiette pasta salad with prawns, basil, feta and tomato caper dressing

Check out our easy pasta salad recipe with orecchiette, crumbly feta and king prawns, topped with a simple caper and tomato dressing that pools in those ‘little ears’ of pasta. This quick salad dish is low in calories and ready in under 30 minutes.

Orecchiette Pasta Salad Recipe with Prawns

Orecchiette with caramelised onions and anchovies

Try this easy orecchiette recipe with sweet caramelised onions and salty anchovies.

Orecchiette with caramelised onions and anchovies

Make this 15-minute orecchiette dish for an impressive entertaining idea when you have unexpected guests.

Prawn Orecchiette Recipe with Prawn Butter

Orecchiette with anchovies, cavolo nero and caramelised onions

This low calorie orecchiette dish with salty anchovies and fresh seasonal cavolo nero makes a quick and easy mid-week evening meal for two.

Orecchiette with anchovies, cavelo nero and caramelised onions