Gooey pot of salted caramel chocolate sauce with crunchy, sugary churros

Best Spanish dessert recipes

Celebrate Spain's sweet flavours Spain with our dessert ideas, from easy churros to flan and Seville's torrijas

Looking for Spanish dessert recipes? Want the best churros or creamy flan? See our ideas below and for more inspiration, check out our easy dessert recipes, including tiramisu, chocolate mousse and cheesecake.


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Easy Spanish desserts


A famous dessert from Seville, torrijas is like French toast with honey. This recipe comes from chef Peter Sanchez-Iglesias, who eats torrijas every time he visits the Spanish city.

Churros with hot chocolate sauce

Make these Spanish sweet treats for a comforting dessert or breakfast. The rich, indulgent hot chocolate sauce is also delicious over ice cream.

Crema Catalana

You’ll find this classic dessert on menus all over Spain. And with good reason. It’s deceptively easy to make, the base is an egg custard, that is chilled rather than baked. A cook’s blowtorch will make the crunchy top perfectly, but a hot grill will work too.

Spanish flan with orange and cinnamon

This flan is a baked custard with a slightly richer, denser, more velvety texture than its more familiar cousin, the crème caramel. The combination of caramel, orange and cinnamon is irresistible.

Churros with salted caramel chocolate sauce

Check out this twist on a classic, with a super decadent salted caramel chocolate sauce.