Chocolate Rye Volcano Cookies Recipe

Best rye flour recipes

Use this unique flour to create darker, denser and richer bakes, including classic rye bread, chocolate rye cookies and crunchy pastry

Looking for rye flour recipes? Want to make the best rye bread? Try our ideas using dark rye flour, wholemeal rye flour and more to create nutritious bakes and share the #RyeLove.


Best rye flour recipes

Rye bread

If you love making your own bread, this recipe is for you! The dark rye flour and sweet dates are a perfect pairing and this dark loaf goes brilliantly with cheese.

Rye Bread Recipe With Dates

Chocolate rye cookies

This recipe from Edd Kimber makes some seriously good chocolate crinkle biscuits. Use wholemeal rye flour to give a rich, fudgy centre and sugar-dusted exterior. These dainty cookies make the perfect snack to enjoy with a cup of coffee.

Chocolate Rye Volcano Cookies Recipe

Blackberry rye brownies

Add a sophisticated twist to your next batch of brownies with bay leaves and blackberries. This recipe uses rye flour and 70% dark chocolate.

Blackberry and bay brownies made with rye

Apple pie with rye pastry

Try Edd Kimber’s indulgent whisky and rye salted caramel apple pie. This apple pie recipe is a great twist on the classic. Whisky is added to the pastry, made extra crunchy with wholemeal rye flour, and caramel added to the apple filling for a more decadent and grown up taste. Plus Edd’s step-by-step guide to the perfect lattice crust.

Whisky and Rye Salted Caramel Apple Pie Recipe

Dark rye bread

This classic rye bread recipe only requires four ingredients, perfect for a simple but satisfying weekend baking project.

Dark Rye Bread loaf sliced with knife and butter

Tahini rye cookies

To create as flavourful a cookie as possible, Edd Kimber includes wholemeal rye flour, which is one of his go-to ingredients that he uses as a flavour enhancer. Rye also happens to be the perfect partner when it comes to chocolate.

Easy Tahini Cookies Recipe

Whisky and rye waffles

This waffle recipe from Edd Kimber is a little more fun than the traditional kind of waffles. Made with cocoa and wholemeal rye flour and served with a whiskey-spiked caramel, these are definitely the more grown-up cousin to the classic.


Devil’s food cake

Recipe author and expert baker Edd Kimber’s version doesn’t stray too far from the classic, but it does add rye flour, which contributes to the cake’s overall rich flavour. When it comes to the frosting, there are two options for different skill levels – a classic fudge frosting, and a slightly more complicated Swiss meringue buttercream.

Devil's food cake

Rye sourdough