Looking for water kefir recipes? Want to use up your homemade milk kefir? Check out our recipes below and then try our gut-friendly recipes and take a look at our guide to making kombucha, another fermented drink, full of good bacteria.


What is kefir?

Kefir is a fermented drink, traditionally made using cow's or goat's milk. Believed to originate near the North Caucasus mountains (between Russia and Georgia), it is made by adding kefir grains to milk or water and allowing it to ferment slowly. Unlike cereal grains, kefir grains are formed of colonies of yeast and lactic-acid bacteria.

What are the health benefits of kefir?

Our nutritionist, Tracey Raye, says... "Kefir offers a good source of probiotics, which are beneficial for digestion and gut health. In addition, the milk-based varieties provide added protein, calcium and B vitamins."

Best kefir recipes

Water kefir limeade

It's the second ferment when the limes get involved in this recipe, leaving you with a zingy and refreshing drink that's full of probiotic goodness and is great served over ice with a slice of fresh lime.

Limeade - superfood 2017

Chocolate-chai kefir cake

We've added milky kefir to this glossy, indulgent chocolate cake to help keep it extra moist. A great alternative way to use up that homemade kefir.

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Chocolate Cake Recipe with Chai and Kefir

Cucumber kefir and falafel salad

Whisk up kefir with dill, mint, lime and olive oil and then toss through shallot and cucumber for a dressing that will take your falafel to a whole new level.

A plate topped with slices of green cucumber and golden falafels

Kefir smoothie with banana, almonds and frozen berries.

Full of plenty of good bacteria as well as lots of fruity nutrients, this smoothie, made with milky kefir, is a great on-the-go breakfast idea.

Banana Smoothie Recipe with Kefir Milk, Frozen Berries and Almonds

Kefir soda bread with kefir salted butter

Kefir goes into not only the soda bread itself here (along with spring onions, coriander seeds and turmeric) but also the salted butter that it's best served with lashings of.

Soda Bread Recipe With Homemade Kefir Butter

Kale and broccoli salad with kefir dressing

Crisp and crunchy, this low-calorie salad with creamy kefir dressing would make a quick and easy healthy dinner idea. The toasted walnuts add a satisfying bite to the greens, and the kefir brings lots of probiotic goodness.

Kale and broccoli emerald salad with kefir dressing

Cod cheeks, pickled cucumber and kefir

This impressive starter idea comes from chef Dean Parker, it's a great way to start using kefir. The fermented milk and tangy pickled cucumber make for ideal platefellows for juicy cod cheeks.

Cod Cheek Recipe With Pickled Cucumber and Kefir

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