Check out our guide to crème fraîche, including where to buy it and plenty of recipe inspiration, then read about buttermilk, kefir and halloumi.

What is crème fraîche?

A type of dairy product, crème fraîche (French for ‘fresh cream’), is a soured cream with a bacterial culture. It’s produced by adding a starter culture to heavy cream, and leaving it at the correct temperature until it starts to thicken. A versatile and classic ingredient in French cuisine, it’s commonly served over fruit and bakes, or added to sauces and soups. It’s less sour than soured cream, and has a higher fat content.

Where to buy crème fraîche

Sainsbury's crème fraîche, £1.05/300ml, Sainsbury's

Isigny Sainte Mere AOP crème fraîche, £1.30/200ml, Ocado

Crème fraîche recipes

Check out plenty more crème fraîche recipe inspiration.

Creamy salmon pasta

You can't go wrong with salmon, pasta and a large dollop of crème fraîche. Make our high-protein, low-salt midweek dinner in a matter of 20 minutes.

Creamy Salmon Pasta

Courgette and mint soup

A vibrant, summery soup packed with courgettes, fresh mint and lemon zest. Best served with crème fraîche on top for an extra-creamy texture.

Courgette and mint soup

Potato pancakes

Try our moreish potato pancakes topped with crème fraîche and chives for a savoury brunch this weekend.

Potato Pancakes Recipe

Beef stroganoff

A Russian classic, this beef and chestnut mushroom stroganoff is made super-creamy with a tub of crème fraîche. There's paprika for that signature colour, plus a little celery salt, and fries to serve.

Beef stroganoff in a pan served with a side of mash

Wild salmon, pickled gherkins, crème fraîche and dill

This recipe for wild salmon with pickled gherkins, crème fraîche and dill is a perfect example of how quality ingredients prepared simply but well result in a vibrant dish with clean flavours. Serve up as a simple but impressive dinner party starter.

Wild salmon, pickled gherkins, crème fraîche and dill served with brown bread on a white plate