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The best summer supermarket products 2016

Published: June 20, 2016 at 9:59 am

We pick the best supermarket products for 2016 to make BBQing and picnicing easier. Including the best burger bun, sausage, ice cream, pork pie and ice cream

Best BBQ show-off product

What we were looking for: a hero piece of meat that will wow our guests and serve several people at the same time.


WINNER: M&S Smokehouse Beef Rib (£5.50/375g). This chunky beef rib is served on the bone, so it looks really special when the barbecue lid is lifted. The natural smokiness and caramelised sticky crust transports you to the Deep South.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Asda Hot Dogs with Spicy Buffalo Sauce Pocket (£2/400g). This innovative hot dog sausage, with hidden pockets of hot sauce, is ‘dirty’ in all the right ways, and extremely moreish.

Best vegetarian burger

What we were looking for: a veggie burger that looks and tastes great and will stand up to be being barbecued.

WINNER: M&S Edgy Veggie Burger (£3/240g). You can really taste the flavours of the various vegetables and fresh herbs coming through in this burger. We love the texture: a proper crust gives way to a soft and moist centre.

Best BBQ condiment

What we were looking for: something special to dollop on our burgers.

WINNER: Aldi Specially Selected Bloody Mary Ketchup (£1.29/340g). All of the components of a pokey bloody mary in a bottle. Celery – check. Worcestershire sauce – check. Tomato – check. A great match for well-seasoned meat.

Best burger bun

What we were looking for: a bun that could hold a burger. If we’re buying good meat, we’re not prepared to compromise on the bread.

WINNER: M&S Two Ultimate Burger Buns (£1/145g). We were really impressed with the rise and shine of this brioche bun. Not too sweet – perfect for burgers.

Best BBQ seafood product

What we were looking for: fish or shellfish that would impress.

WINNER: M&S Sea Bass in a Corn Husk (£7/281g). These pretty corn husk parcels look great on the BBQ and open to reveal neatly filleted fish seasoned with fresh herbs, and stuffed with a sweet corn and tomato salsa that is a perfect balance of heat and sweetness.

Best show-off salad

What we were looking for: an innovative combination of flavours to up our summer salad-game.

WINNER: M&S Rainforest, Super Grain and Avocado Salad (£2/160g). Contains a healthy mix of brazil nuts, quinoa and avocado, while a fruity mango and chilli dressing supplies a fruity lift.

Best pork pie

What we were looking for: a cracking pork pie that can be eaten cold.

WINNER: M&S Patron’s Lunch Pork Pie (£3.50/454g). This is a proper pork pie with a chunky meaty texture, a crisp hot-water crust and soft jelly with loads of flavour.

Best pâté or terrine

What we were looking for: a pâté or terrine to take on a picnic, to serve on bread or crackers.

WINNER: Aldi Specially Selected Chicken Liver Parfait (£1.19/170g). Smooth and strong, this chicken liver parfait is a moreish spread. We could eat the whole lot.

Best BBQ burger

What we were looking for: a burger, designed to be eaten in a bun and suitable for cooking on the BBQ, that will have everyone asking for more.

WINNER: LIDL Deluxe Scotch Aberdeen Angus Beef Burgers (£2.25/340g). A succulent and juicy burger, that’s substantial and homemade-looking,with a strong black pepper hit.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Morrisons The Best British 6oz Chuck Steak Burger (£3/340g). This juicy burger has a deliciously complex flavour.

If you feel like making your own burger, try one of our burger recipes

Best BBQ banger

What we were looking for: a great sausage with plenty of flavour and a good structure that will stand up to being chargrilled on the barbie.

JOINT WINNER: M&S Smokehouse Pork Links (£3/400g). This show-stopping sausage is enough to feed two and hasa great, authentically smoky flavour.

JOINT WINNER: Aldi Specially Selected British Outdoor Bred Pork and Bramley Apple Sausages (£1.75/400g). A top banger with proper chunks of apple.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Asda Hot Dogs with Spicy Buffalo Sauce Pocket (£2/400g). This innovative hot dog sausage, with hidden pockets of hot sauce, is ‘dirty’ in all the right ways, and extremely moreish.

Use your sausages in our best ever sausage recipes

Best BBQ skewer

What we were looking for: a meaty skewer for us to fill our pittas.

WINNER: Aldi British Minted Lamb (£1.99/320g). This lean lamb kebab has a clean and complementary mint flavour that we love.

Best vegetarian skewer

What we were looking for: a meat-free kebab with bags of flavour.

WINNER: M&S Chilloumi Cheese Kebabs (£4/225g). These halloumi kebabs have a satisfying squeak when you bite into them, and the fiery tomato marinade really complements the cheese’s natural saltiness.

Best frozen summer dessert

What we were looking for: a summer dessert that can be pulled out of the freezer for an impromptu BBQ or al fresco supper.

WINNER: Iceland Bellissima 2pk Tartufo Nero (£1.50/2 x 90g). These cocoa-dusted rich chocolate-mousse domes are rich with a deep cocoa hit.

Best summer dessert

What we were looking for: a showstopping summer dessert that we’d be happy to serve for a smart lunch or dinner.

WINNER: M&S Dulce de Leche Cheesecake (£6/340g). A good-looking cheesecake with an even, buttery biscuit base, a smooth and creamy topping with some dangerously good dulce de leche swirled through it.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Asda Patisserie Eclairs (£2/2pk). These summery éclairs are an easy-to-serve triumph – thumbs up from all of us. Try our summery strawberry eclairs recipe if you fancy making your own

Best summer wine

What we were looking for: a refreshing wine, ideal for drinking outside in the summer sun.

WINNER: M&S Picpoul de Pinet (£8.50/75clg). This white wine is crisp and zesty with lovely pear notes – great to serve with seafood and summer salads.

Best pre-bottled cocktail

What we were looking for: a ready-to-drink summer cocktail to pour over ice or straight into the glass (or mouth).

WINNER: M&S Papaya Piña Colada (£12/60cl). The papaya is a subtle addition in this pre-made, hassle-free piña colada. Serve over plenty of ice. Naff umbrella and colourful straw optional.

Best savoury snack to serve with drinks

What we were looking for: a savoury, salty snack to eat with a cold drink on a picnic or at a BBQ.

WINNER: LIDL Crusti Croc Cheese Butter Straws (85p/150g). These buttery straws are crisp, have impressive layers, and a strong hint of salty cheese that kept us going back for more, and more.

Best flavoured bread

What we were looking for: a bread to be served at room temperature that we’d want to tear and share on a picnic.

WINNER: Morrisons Lemon and Pumpkin Seed Cob (£1). This cob looks good and has a delicate lemony aroma with a fluffy middle that’s perfect for dipping in olive oil and balsamic.

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Best summer dip

What we were looking for: dip, designed for dipping crudités, breadsticks or crisps into, that would make us want to scrape to the bottom of the tub.

WINNER: The Co-operative Loved By Us Middle Eastern Hummus (£1.50/165g). The spice adds a gentle hum to make this creamy chickpea dip a bit more interesting than your average version.

Best ice cream

What we were looking for: the ultimate scoop of ice cream.

WINNER: The Co-operative Truly Irresistible Venezuelan Chocolate Ice Cream (£3.49/500ml). A creamy ice cream that tastes like real chocolate. Perfect for kids and grown-ups.

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