Boxing Day Sandwich Recipe

Best Christmas sandwich taste test

Our mission: to find the best Christmas sandwich and vegetarian Christmas sandwich available in the UK. Here are the results of our expert taste test

Looking for the best Christmas sandwich? Read on to find out the results of our Christmas sandwich and vegetarian Christmas sandwich taste test.


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Boxing Day Sandwich Recipe

How the best Christmas sandwich taste test worked

Five members of the olive team conducted a blind taste test to find the most flavoursome shop-bought Christmas sandwich and vegetarian Christmas sandwich. We tasted supermarket own-brand, sandwich chains and bakery sandwiches. For both categories, the group chose three main winners, each winning for specific reasons, along with a runner-up.

Best Christmas sandwich

Winner: best artisan Christmas sandwich

GAIL’s Bakery Christmas sandwich 

About the Christmas sandwich: New for 2018, this sandwich is made with GAIL’s malted wholegrain sourdough, smoked free-range turkey, Mayfield Swiss cheese, homemade chipotle aioli and GAIL’s bacon jam.

Comments: We loved all the distinct layers in this sandwich, from the tender turkey, gentle heat from the aioli, sweet bacon jam and smoky cheese. A homemade-style Christmas sandwich served on chewy sourdough.

Price: £5, GAIL’s

GAIL’s Bakery Christmas Sandwich £5 open

Winner: best Christmas sandwich if you’re hungry

PAUL dinde de noël

About the Christmas sandwich: A sage and onion baguette studded with cranberries filled with turkey, smoky bacon and spinach, topped with a cream cheese and horseradish sauce.

Comments: This hearty Christmas sandwich served on a crunchy French baguette has lots of elements going on. We particularly liked the addition of horseradish sauce.

Price: £4.65, PAUL

PAUL Sandwich Dinde de Noël

Winner: best budget Christmas sandwich

Lidl Christmas turkey festive feast sandwich

About the Christmas sandwich: British turkey breast, pork and onion sausages, streaky bacon and pork, sage and onion stuffing topped with caramelised onion and sage mayonnaise, cranberry sauce and fried onions.

Comments: If you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful Christmas sandwich to keep you going, this one packed with meaty sausage, classic stuffing and a well-balanced cranberry sauce is the one to buy. It might not look good on Instagram but it’ll sort out your hangover.

Price: £1.69, Lidl


Co-op coronation turkey brioche roll

About the Christmas sandwich: British turkey with spiced mayonnaise, sultanas, mango chutney and spinach on a brioche roll.

Comments: Although this isn’t your traditional Christmas sandwich, we loved the fresh flavours of spinach, juicy raisins and sweet mango chutney served on a light brioche roll.

Price: £3.25, Co-op

Co-op Coronation Turkey Brioche Roll

Other Christmas sandwiches we tried

Tesco Finest festive feast trio

About the Christmas sandwich: Three mini Christmas rolls, each with a filling inspired by a classic Christmas dish. A posh prawn cocktail topped with blood mary sauce served on an oat-topped roll. A turkey roll filled with bacon, sage and onion stuffing and cranberry sauce. To finish, a chocolate roll filled with cream cheese and port and cherry sauce.

Comments: We weren’t convinced by this trio of sandwiches as we felt the fillings lacked flavour, and the bread was too sweet.

Price: £3.50, Tesco

Tesco Finest Festive Feast Trio Christmas sandwich

Waitrose turkey, stuffing and bacon sandwich

About the Christmas sandwich: This classic Christmas sandwich is served on malted bread filled with turkey breast, cranberry, port and orange chutney, pork stuffing, smoked bacon, mayonnaise and spinach.

Commnets: Although this sandwich looks good, with well-defined layers and nice, squidgy bread, we felt the filling was too wet and the chutney was too sweet.

Price: £3.20, Waitrose

Asda turkey and trimming sandwich

About the Christmas sandwich: A turkey sandwich filled with pigs in blankets, stuffing and cranberry sauce.

Comments: The meat in this sandwich had a well-roasted flavour however the texture was too dry and chewy.

Price: £2.50, Asda

Asda turkey and trimmings Christmas sandwich

EAT. festive full works festive bloomer

About the Christmas sandwich: A multiseed bloomer filled with turkey, cranberry sauce, smoked ham, chicken stock mayonnaise, spinach and pork, sage and onion stuffing.

Comments: This flavours in this Christmas sandwich were not well-balanced and the meat was too chewy for our liking.

Price: £3.99, EAT.

EAT Festive Full Works Bloomer Christmas sandwich

Sainsbury’s the big beef

About the Christmas sandwich: Inspired by the world’s best-selling double-decker bun, this white roll has slices of beef, a whole gravy-soaked Yorkshire pudding and cheese fondue sauce.

Comments: We liked the idea of this sandwich, but in reality it was dry, doughy and lacked any cheese flavour.

Price: £3, Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury's big beef Christmas sandwich

Pret Christmas lunch sandwich

About the Christmas sandwich: Free-range turkey, pork and orange cranberry sauce, pork stuffing and baby spinach leaves finished off with mayonnaise and crispy onions.

Comments: This turkey sandwich had a wet texture from all the elements, with an overwhelmingly sweet flavour.

Price: £3.75, Pret

Aldi Specially Selected turkey with pigs under blankets

About the Christmas sandwich: Layers of British turkey breast, smoked bacon, Lincolnshire sausages, pork, sage and onion stuffing and cranberry and port sauce are sandwiched between sage and onion bread, finished with sage and onion mayonnaise and crispy fried onions.

Commnets: The bacon was too fatty for our liking and the sandwich had a strange aftertaste.

Price: £1.99, Aldi

Aldi’s Specially Selected Turkey with Pigs Under Blankets Christmas sandwich (£1.99)

Marks and Spencer three bird roast

About the Christmas sandwich: Three half sandwiches each filled with a different meat. Roast turkey and stuffing, roast chicken dinner and duck with plum chutney.

Comments: The idea behind this sandwich is nice however the elements don’t work well together and we found the duck to be very sweet and mushy in texture.

Price: £3.80, Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer three bird roast Christmas sandwich

Best vegetarian/vegan Christmas sandwich

Winner: best traditional vegetarian/vegan Christmas sandwich

Asda festive bubble and squeak vegan sandwich

About the vegan Christmas sandwich: Sage and onion infused white bread is filled with a winter vegetable fritter, spiced braised red cabbage, spiced chutney, spinach and vegan sage and onion mayonnaise.

Comments: This is just what you want from a meat-free Christmas sandwich with clear layers, well-balanced cranberry sauce and great crunchy textures from the spinach and cabbage.

Price: £2.50, Asda

Asda festive bubble and squeak vegan Christmas sandwich

Winner: best classic brie and cranberry sandwich

Aldi brie and cranberry sandwich

About the vegetarian Christmas sandwich: This meat-free sandwich is filled with brie, cranberry, ginger and orange chutney and spinach.

Comments: A classic Christmas sandwich filled with ripe brie and cranberry sauce. We loved to addition of fresh spinach and the crunchy seeds in the bread.

Price: £1.69, Aldi

Aldi brie and cranberry vegetarian Christmas sandwich

Winner: best alternative brie and cranberry sandwich

EAT. brie, cranberry and stuffing on onion seed bloomer

About the vegetarian Christmas sandwich: An onion seed bloomer filled with brie, cranberry sauce, mayonnaise, spinach and roast nut stuffing.

Comments: This is a great alternative brie sandwich, with a crunchy nut stuffing and real savoury flavour served on pillowy bread.

Price: £3.99, EAT.

EAT Brie, Cranberry and stuffing on onion seed Christmas sandwich


PAUL ‘tis the vegan

About the vegan Christmas sandwich: A sesame baguette filled with hummus, grilled carrots, peppers and spinach, topped with cranberry sauce and roasted pumpkin seeds.

Comments: We really liked the strong sesame flavour and crunch from the whole vegetables, however it didn’t remind us of Christmas in the slightest.

Price: £4.35, PAUL

PAUL 'Tis the Vegan Christmas sandwich

Other vegetarian Christmas sandwiches we tried

Tesco vegetable Christmas dinner wrap

About the vegetarian Christmas sandwich: A pumpkin tortilla wrap packed full of the Christmas trimming including sweet, maple roasted vegetables and a traditional vegetarian stuffing.

Comments: This vegetarian wrap had a bland flavour with an overpowering sweetness. We found the texture of the wrap to be too gummy.

Price: £2.50, Tesco

Tesco Vegetable Christmas Dinner Wrap Christmas sandwich

Other vegan Christmas sandwiches we tried

Waitrose vegan bubble and squeak wrap

About the vegan Christmas sandwich: This vegan wrap is filled with potato, sweet potato, savoy cabbage and brussels sprouts along with cranberry chutney, roast chestnuts, spiced grains, vegan mayonnaise and spinach.

Comments: There were lots of elements to this vegan wrap however the flavour was quite bland with mushy vegetables and a gummy texture to the wrap.

Price: £3.20, Waitrose

Sainsbury’s festive falafel and hummus wrap

About the vegan Christmas sandwich: A vegan, winter-spiced falafel inside a wrap with creamy hummus and red cabbage.

Comments: There was an overwhelming flavour of cinnamon in this wrap, and we found it too stodgy.

Price: £2.30, Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury's festive falafel and hummus wrap Christmas sandwich

Marks and Spencer no turkey feast

About the vegan Christmas sandwich: A vegan sandwich served on malted brown bread filled with toasted soya, cranberry chutney and spinach.

Comments: We understand that they’re trying to create a vegan ‘turkey’ however the toasted soya had a very rubbery texture.

Price: £3.30, Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer no turkey feast Christmas sandwich

Pret very merry Christmas lunch sandwich

About the vegan Christmas sandwich: This vegan sandwich is filled with grilled carrots, crispy onions, baby spinach, vegan stuffing, port and orange cranberry sauce and caramelised pecans.

Comments: There are lots of textures going on in this sandwich and we like the whole vegetables, however there was an overwhelming garlic flavour.

Price: £3.50, Pret

Co-op veggie bubble and squeak sandwich

About the vegan Christmas sandwich: This vegan sandwich is filled with sweet potato bubble and squeak, spiced beetroot and pomegranate relish, vegan mayonnaise and spinach on malted bread.

Comments: We liked the pickled element of this sandwich however the bread was chewy and the textures were too mushy.


Price: £2.65, Co-op

Co-op Vegan Bubble and Squeak Christmas sandwich