A bowl filled with grains, green beans

olive summer supermarket awards 2019

The olive supermarket awards are all about making your life easier. We created them to find the best ready-made products to ensure hassle-free summer entertaining, so check out the winners here

Looking for easy BBQ food to make al fresco dining easier this year? Check out the best supermarket summer food for summer BBQs and picnics (here are our favourite spots for a picnic in the UK). From BBQ chicken to hummus and the best vegetarian products, we’ve got summer entertaining covered.


If you’re cooking yourself, here are our best BBQ recipes to try this summer.

PRODUCT RECALL:  Zorba Delicacies Ltd is recalling a number of hummus products due to the possible presence of salmonella.  Please see the notice from the Food Standards Agency for more details: food.gov.uk

Best BBQ condiment

Gold: By Sainsbury’s Spicy BBQ Sauce, £1.20/500g

A crowd-pleasing classic BBQ sauce with smoke and spice.

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A bowl of brown BBQ sauce

Silver: Aldi Skeeters New York Steakhouse BBQ Sauce, £1.29/350ml

More like a burger relish than a sauce, we loved the crunchy textures and sharp flavour notes.

Best BBQ sausage

Gold: Tesco Finest Pork, Red Leicester Cheese and Jalapeño Hot Dogs, £2.50/400g

Packed with real melting cheese and with a keen kick of heat, these spicy hot dogs are exactly what you want for a family barbecue.

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Gold: Aldi Ashfield Farm British Bangers with Thatchers Traditional Cider & Bramley Apple, £1.99/400g

These juicy sausages had a good balance of herbs and real cider flavour, with a crisp skin.

A selection of chargrilled sausages

Best BBQ show-off product

Gold: Waitrose Buttermilk Chicken King Kebab, £8/924g

A no-fuss, fiery sharing kebab with a lively smoked paprika and chilli marinade.

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A chargrilled chicken kebab

Gold: Co-op Garlic and Herb Spatchcock Chicken, £6/1.135kg

A showstopping whole chicken with juicy meat, crispy skin and good garlic flavour.

A large spatchcock chicken

Best show-off salad

Gold: Waitrose Scrumptious Summer British Quinoa Salad with a Raspberry Vinaigrette, £2.20/170g

This fresh salad marries crunchy beans and other delicious green veg with bouncy barley, quinoa and a sharp, fruity dressing.

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A bowl filled with grains, green beans

Best vegetarian/ vegan BBQ product

Gold: Waitrose Vegan Whirls: Italian-style and Spanish-style, £4/400g

It’s hard to believe these aren’t made from meat given their good bite, umami flavour and caramelised skin.

Check out vegan BBQ products here

Three sausages swirled around a skewer

Best burger bun

Gold: Aldi Specially Selected Brioche Burger Buns, 79p/4 pack

These soft and gently sweet American-style buns with their glossy sheen are the perfect burger bap.

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Four glossy golden burger buns sliced in half

Silver: Iceland The Big Triple, 69p/2 pack

This quirky, great-tasting bun is sliced in three for wow-factor stacks.

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Best seafood product

Gold: Booths Lemon and Pepper Salmon Kebabs, £2.30/skewer

Tender chunks of salmon paired with sweet peppers for a fresh-tasting kebab.

Two skewers each fish chunks of salmon and chunks of red pepper

Silver: By Sainsbury’s Teriyaki-Glazed British Mackerel Fillets, £2.35/180g

Juicy fillets of fish with just the right amount of sweetness from the sauce.

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Best BBQ burger

Gold: Aldi Specially Selected The Perfect Burger, £2.49/340g

A solid all-rounder with juicy, well-seasoned meat in a generous patty.

Four chargrilled burgers on a wooden serving board

Silver: Lidl Deluxe Aberdeen Angus Beef Burgers, £2.19/340g

A decent burger with the right mix of meat, fat and real beef flavour.

Best veggie/vegan burger

Gold: Sainsbury’s Love Your Veg! The Smoky ‘Jack’ Quarter Pounders, £2.50/227g

With a bouncy texture and good char, these mushroom and jackfruit burgers will convince anyone.

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Sainsbury’s Love Your Veg! The Smoky ‘Jack’ Quarter Pounders

Silver: Co-op Incredible Burgers, £2/210g

We loved the savoury, meaty flavour in these frozen soya burgers.

Bronze: Asda Vegan Cheese and Red Onion Quarter Pounders, £1.75/227g

These meat-free marvels will go down a storm with cheeseburger fans.

Best BBQ ribs

Gold: Waitrose Slow Cooked Red Eye Pork Ribs, £5/535g

Smoky pull-apart ribs with a sharp mustard heat.

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Waitrose Slow Cooked Red Eye Pork Ribs

Best hummus

Gold: Asda Beetroot Hummus, £1/170g

Pass the breadsticks and dig into this vibrant hummus with real sweet and earthy beetroot and creamy chickpeas.

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A pot of deep pink hummus with golden crackers on the side

Silver: M&S Pesto Swirl hummus, £2/200g

A salty, garlic kick from the hummus is made better with a winning pesto swirl.

Bronze: Co-op Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Hummus, £1.20/170g

A classic creamy dip that everyone will love made with high-quality olive oil.

Best ice cream

Gold: Spar Peanut Butter Ice Cream, £2.25/480ml

Crunchy peanut nuggets and swirls of caramel made this a standout favourite.

A white bowl with three scoops of caramel peanut butter ice cream in and a silver spoon

Silver: Waitrose 1 Caffe Macchiato, £3.69/500ml

A grown-up, rich coffee ice cream.

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Bronze: Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Madagascan Vanilla Ice Cream, £3/500ml

Velvety ambrosia in a bowl.

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Best summer dessert

Gold: Asda Extra Special Baked Lemon and Mascarpone Cheesecake, £3/493g

Decadent mascarpone, crumbly base and zesty curd in one showstopper.

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Asda Extra Special Baked Lemon and Mascarpone Cheesecake

Silver: M&S Our Best Ever Trifle, £5/900g

A classic trifle with rich vanilla custard, soft sponge and fresh raspberries.

Best pork pie

Gold: Waitrose Scrumptious Summer 2 Pork and Egg Gala Pie Slices, £3/235g

These good-looking pre-sliced pies have a bright, creamy yolk and great-quality texture and flavoured pork.

Two slices of pork pie with a golden egg in the middle and pastry crust

Silver: Tesco Large Melton Mowbray Pork Pie, £2.50/440g

A classic pie with crisp pastry, top-notch meat and distinct jelly layer.

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Bronze: Co-op Melton Mowbray Pork Pie, £1.30/140g

A mini pork pie with a good crust, well-seasoned meat and soft jelly.

Best fancy sausage roll

Gold: Waitrose 1 Dry-Cured Bacon and Cheddar Sausage Rolls, £2.79/4

Golden flaky pastry encases a proper, moreish bacon and cheese filling.

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A wooden board topped with four sausage rolls with golden pastry

Best meat-free picnic snack

Gold: Co-op Irresistible Somerset Vintage Cheddar and Balsamic Vinegar Onion Quiche, £3.50/400g

This picnic-ready quiche holds its shape well and has a super-creamy, seductively wobbly filling and strong cheddar tang.

A circular quiche with purple caramelised onions on top and a slice being cut out

Best scotch egg

Gold: Lidl Chef Select Scotch Egg, 75p/227g

A no-frills egg with a buttery yolk and golden breadcrumb coating. An essential pack for all summer picnics.

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A grey board with two golden scotch eggs. One is cut in half showing off a yellow yolk

Best BBQ chicken wings

Gold: Ocado Firecracker Chicken Wings, £4/1kg

Sticky, tender wings that deliver on their spicy promise.

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Ocado Firecracker Chicken Wings

How we chose the winners

The olive team chose 18 categories to showcase products that will enhance a summer BBQ or picnic. The supermarkets were invited to select the products they wanted to put forward in each category (we only allowed one entry per category, so they had to choose carefully). Every product was prepared according to pack instructions and our panel of judges tasted them blind, rating each on taste, texture and appearance. We awarded gold, silver and bronze winners. In some categories, where the standard was high, we awarded joint winners.


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