Cuban Mojo Roast Leg Of Pork Recipe

olive magazine ep94 – Chef Calum’s Pie Room and how to raise your Sunday roast game

On this week’s olive podcast, food director Janine meets up with chef Calum of Holborn Dining Rooms to talk about his new pie room – a shrine dedicated to the art of perfect pastry (check out Calum’s perfect scotch egg recipe here) – and cookery writer Adam and digital assistant Amanda discuss how to raise your Sunday roast game, including some top tips for crunchy roasties and sky-high Yorkshire puds.


Check out Calum Franklin’s dinner party menu here

Calum shares some of his favourite recipes from Holborn Dining Rooms, including scotch egg, mutton pie and beetroot and gin cured salmon.

Holborn Dining Room Restaurant Review and Calum Franklin Recipes

Create the perfect Yorkshire puds

Cookery writer Adam Bush shares his pro tips and tricks for making the best Yorkshire puddings, straight from the olive kitchen.

Best Yorkshire Pudding Recipe